10pip Hedge Strategy

Hi Traders,

I created an interesting concept of getting 10 pips/day/one currency pair and I would like to share it with you.
Please provide some feedback



How did your backtesting results come out?

Thanks to share 10pip Hedge Strategy. After analysis it I will come back with my feedback.

Hi, it looks interesting, and I want to test it, but do you know if there is anyone providing mt4 and allows hedging?

There’s no such thing as a “hedge” strategy. There is only “hedge” accounting. Any system that can be done using hedging can be done in a non-hedging context.

True. When two opposite positions runs at the same time - it’s the same as not having any positions (currently opened orders). And if we remove only the “Buy” position it’s the same as Selling at this moment.

There’s no need to place two opposite positions now and waiting for one of them to be closed at some pips and hoping that the other one will be profitable.
We can just place one (or two for above and below) pending orders at some distance and the result will be the same, but not so complicated.

Hedging in one currency pair is actually representing pending orders with not-pending orders.

Starpips, I doubt that the whipsaw of -60 pips occurs, as you say, very rarely. I have been trying the system this week and it already had a loss of -60 pips that would normally wipe out 6 days of wins at +10 pips.