11 losing trades in a row

That’s is true, even though I feel frustrated when I have a situation like this, but I still coming back, everytime I look at the winning trades and testing results, I still believe that I can get better with time.
also I will dig deep to all these losing trades , to find the whys…
Thank you for your sharing :blush:

This is definitely one of the reasons for me, as you said, random RRR should be chucked in the bin 🫣, I always use the same SL, same TP, depending the volatility, or if there is news coming up, I move my SL TP relatively.

Do you still overtrades sometimes?

Your words are comforting, Thank you for your advice

Thank you for your advice, it’s true that sometimes we gotta focus something else in our lives than only trading💐

Hi, what show you your backtest? How many strategies are you use? It is discretionary or automatic strategy / strategies? Regards Greg

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Hello, Greg
currently i m using only one automatic strategie, solely using 3 indicators to help me identify to short term trend, if all 3 indicatiors give the same signal during the specific time, i will just get in with the fix SL and TP and ignore the big trend, once it reach 2X RRR, i will close half and let the other half to run til TP.

i have tried to use discretionary strategy before, but i got emotional and often not confident enough to let the winng trade run, so my RRR is not as good, and its hard for me to have clear ideas for what i did right or wrong

The backtest result is very good ONLY IF i follow the plan strictly. To be honest, when i trade live, there is not even one month i can accehive the result like the backtest shown, coz when i see the market may go opposite… i would just exit earily, sometimes i m right, but most of the time it would have hit my TP if i was not scared to lose.


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it is very bad, if you can’t handle with emotions, go back to demo trading. Check this topic about trading via one strategy The risk of trading one profitable strategy

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It does help a lot, Thank you for your advice
Have a nice weekend :bouquet:

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that is what we all did before
dont think ti is just you
i take break when i think it can help and i go to environment and visit different places
just dont trade and after that come back to trading


With your risk reward ratio this is expected… you can get breakeven with 3-4 trades.

This is part of the business, and you’ll be fine as long as you stay disciplined.

If you loose your ■■■■ and start trading for revenge or fomo, that’s a different story.

So just be honest and see if any of those losses have been revenge trading, and Next time stay disciplined.

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there is nothing wrong in loosing 11 trades in a row. even the best trader experience that. if you work with a trend following system 11 loosing trades in row are “normal”. but i think you should rethink your system and a ratio of 1:4 is not good i think. try expecting less/realistic outcomes. Would your trades have been winners if you had lowered the TP?

would you like to introduce us your trading system?

Speaking for myself, the biggest challenge in forex Trading is picking a strategy that best fits your personality. I do recommend that you have at least two of those. I don’t like losses and I have very little patience so I scalp.

Knowing that almost every trading day is going to be a winning day keeps me coming back.

If you wanted to trade based on riding a trend, you could just use the PSAR and set it for 0.0009 and 0.015 on a 1 minute or 5 minute chart. Open trade on PSAR change and close trade on the next PSAR change. This gives three to five little losses per day along with generally one nice long trend run. It gives you a Target for opening and closing versus setting a static risk reward. The more static your risk reward ratio is the lower your successful trade rate will be.

If you think most other traders are smarter than you, they have you fooled. I’m betting you have everything it takes to be successful.


I am a swing trader so “Patience” is the thing that works for me. I don’t use SL and always watch my leverage (very important) . my own account i have winning rate of 83% and Prop account 85.29%

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Hi Ando, thank your for your response.
i trade on 1min chart, using macd crossover, ma50, and chop zone as a filtre, 5p S/L, minimum 20p T/P. once it hit 10p, i would take half, and let the other half to run either hit SL or TP. only 2 trades (max3) a day
yes for sure if i lower the RRR, the winrate will be higher, before i would take profit with lower RRR,but it cause me over trade, as i would just kept looking for oportunity… and on 1 min chart there are many…

what is your win rate and RRR? you dont think 1:4 is realistic?

i know no strategy is prefect, and i should focus on the psychological part

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[quote=“AmericanTrader, post:17, topic:1197326, full:true”]. I do recommend that you have at least two of those. I don’t like losses and I have very little patience so I scalp.


Hi American trader, yes, I m trying to test on different strategies as well, to have atleast two.
But as you said , it’s always a challenge :sweat_smile:
I m gonna try with PSAR, its a simple system with clear entry and exit.

How many strategies do you use? Do you scalpe on a specific time everyday?

Thank you for your words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am using the King of Forex ema scalping strategy along with simple price action. It’s a lot of cost averaging entries to turn losing trades into winners.

Over 200 conservative winning trades. Wins are small, but take into account no losses and having fun trading every day.

It takes practice, which I suggest doing on live trading with 0.01 lots



I trade London session daily because I do it before work. Ideally, I would trade after New York session has been going for an hour or two so that the USD high impact news is over.

I think the psychological part is crucial​:ok_hand:t4::+1:t4:
My win rate is about 71% but since a few weeks I reduced trading because I’m working on a new gym plan and a trading system, back on a demo-account. I’m experimenting with a 1:2 ratio at this system but usually my (old) trading system allows me to trade 1:1 sometimes I’m even able to set a realistic exit at 1:3.

When trading lower tfs like m1 a 1:4 rrr could be realistic but i couldn’t imagine to be profitable at my tfs with an 1 to 4 risk reward ratio. :sweat_smile: But this could sound completely stupid in another’s ear​:grin: again it depends on…

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hello Kcrusty, thanks for your response, may i ask which prop firm are you using?
i failed FTMO few months ago by hitting daliy drawdown , thinking i may try again next month, but FTMO is the most expensive in the market, i have checked on MFF, but it seems the slippage is a bit big as i scaple and have tight SL.

I like FTMO but the no news trade, no night and weekend position did not work for me. FTMO is excellent for scalper and daytrader. So, I went with MFF.

no surprise to have 11 losers in a row, then, i hope?

out of any 100 consecutive trades, the chance is more than 50% that you’ll have 11 consecutive losers somewhere, with that win-rate

that isn’t the main problem, though - the main problem is that without having any very long runs of consecutive losers, you’ll often be in a position where you’re 25 trades down on balance

this is why, with no criticism implied at all, i want to add my voice to those above wisely pointing out that this R:R and win-rate are unsuitable to anyone other than a very experienced trader with a detailed understanding of the statistics and probability functions involved in trading

and if your win-rate creeps down from 33% to 29%, which could easily happen, you won’t have a way of working out that that’s what has happened: you will just think you’re having a “bad patch” of the kind you very often get with a 33% win-rate

that isn’t your fault at all, but it’s a reality

if your method is based on something valid, with an edge, it will be possible to trade it safely with a much lower R:R and higher win-rate, as rightly mentioned above

i wish you well with it :slight_smile: