120 Pips per Week with my Trading System

The Big Ben Reversal…ring any bells?–London session (start and Finish)

Not so crazy to look at times for trades
Watch Asian session “Opens” for example to see a rise/fall in certain pairs.<–7pm e.s.t. and 8pm e.s.t.
Watch 7am e.s.t. gain or fall in other pairs and of course end of NY session final push 3:30pm to 4pm e.s.t.

Needs more explanation for AUD/USD though…Hope you will share:D

ok, supose that in determinate time of market some pairs up or down ok? whell what would ou do? go up or go down? do ou know what kind of trade you will do? if you look the market the pairs always up or down where ever was the trend, maybe one day the trend its up on the chart of 1 hour, but in the 5 or 15 is down.

This is where Indicators and candle patterns come into the overall evaluation…IMO
one chart is a 4hour, to see trend (Up or Down)
#2 chart is 10 min. watching candle stick pattern

For myself this past week, I’ve been banking USD/CAD short, even though USD is gaining strength. Again at certain times of the day.

I cannot narrow the exact time down to the minute…<—this may be a problem for others to understand when You posted an exact time.
I THINK, I understand where you are ‘going’ with this…as the times are a general idea

So, earlier when I wrote 7pm bump( up or dwn), I’m focusing on the next 20 minutes to see the action take place

Up or down…

That’s all the choices we have.

Using your stop loss, your target number, and trading three days a week, if you hit the stop loss twice and had one winner, you’d only be down 10 pips on the week.

If you hit two out of three, you’d be up 55 pips.

The first week was a loser, the second a winner, and at the end you’ve gained 45 pips.

That’s just money management.

Of course some weeks you’ll hit all three, and some you’ll lose all three, which still leaves you up 45 pips.

To make it work better, you’d be better off only buying, or only selling.

The random buy/sell still has a 50/50 shot, but makes it a bit more inconsistent.

You shall see that you will make the 120 pips.

Okay Nostradamus, we’ll see:D

Yep, we shall see. I sill want to hear about how Sunday fits into your picture.

To clarify the time again. After some emails from Mr. 120. the time he mentioned is actually New York eastern time based on his broker’s server. which is GMT -5 hours.

Just to be clear, the actual time to place these trades is 10:35 am NY Eastern Standard Time. Right??

Yes, that’s my understanding based on the email he sent me.

I believe he meant GMT 10:35AM, which in EST would be 5:35AM.

Double check that, I ain’t askeered to be wrong:D

edit: Hooookay, just read his edits on his OP, and it’s as clear as mud…

I have no clue as to what time. He needs to post on here, and say GO!!!


Time zones always confuse me but I think the following is correct.

I don’t know who his broker is but he sent me a screen print showing his broker time and his local computer time. He is in Argentina.
Based on that it looks like his trade candle is 10:35 eastern, which is 12:35 his local Argentina time, and that would be 15:35 GMT

yes, my server is fxcm its my broker and is a microlot account, maybe one of ou have this broker and help with the time, but i sent to talon my server time in a picture.

i put the picture in the post about my server time.

well here it is. It’s time. so lets see what happens! :smiley:

believe it or not im quite anxious :slight_smile: lol some1 post here if it works

put the limit profit and still wait take the 40 pips.

interesting. At the appointed time it spiked up about 18 pips. but now back down again. So far minus pips.

ok the trade works, im never put stopp loss, so maybe ou can take a profit of 10 or 15 pips in profit, but i always im never put stopp loss and i always take the 40 pips, so think about what ou will do? talon d its juts saw that making the trade in the right time make 18 pips in a few minutes.

18 pips, yes but if you didn’t take that and was waiting for the 40, it never came. That’s doing a buy in a down trend. and it keeps going down down.

so tomorrow i will make a capture of the second trade and im not put the stop loss and then i will post the picture of the trade.