120 Pips per Week with my Trading System

Hello, my name is Emmanuel, here is my trading system:

Monday 21/12 at 10:35 GMT: buy AUD/USD Limit Profit 40 pips, Stop Loss -25

Tuesday 22/12 at 10:35 GMT: sell AUD/USD Limit Profit 40 pips, Stop Loss -25

Wednesday 23/12 at 10:35 GMT: sell AUD/USD Limit Profit 40 pips, Stop Loss -25

Time GMT: New York

The Trading System its based in a determinate hour of a market and depends with the trend on Sunday at 17:05 PM GMT in New York.

IN MY STATION SAID: SERVER TIME 16:50 (UTC -05:00). So when the station its 10:35 here is 12:35

Here is a picture to capture yesterday on saturday, i hope that the picture help ou people

Again, unless you explain how you arrived at those numbers, it’s not a system, it’s a prediction.

Its not a prediction, its system trading using a determinate hour of the market, its start on sunday at 17:05.

please use your virtual money.

a prediction for example is AUD/USD its go to the next resistence at 0.9023 and then should broke the suport at 0.8992 to down to … that its a prediction.

How about a chart and a better explination of your system? Without that…sorry it’s a prediction. :slight_smile:

you dont need chart, you dont need candles, you dont need fibo, etc.
Only you need its make this operations only at this time, no matter news, inflation, etc. again make the operations and then we shall see.
Thanks for the comments, i apreciated.

Hi there,
So do you take these trades the same time every day (mon-wed)/week?


ok, it’s not based on indies or news…then what IS it based on?
"depends with the trend on Sunday at 17:05 PM GMT in New York. "

What does that even mean …just trade in the direction of the trend at that minute…what time frame? How do you determine the trend? Do we trade in the same or opposite direction? Why does it work? How long have you been trading this? Maybe it’s just a phase?

For this week yes, the next week i will say ou its the same operations or no, only depends what happen on sunday at 17:05 in new york.

Thanks for the comments.

thanks for sending me the emails. If you don’t mind I’ll post my understanding so far.

The correct time is 10:35 New York time, which is 12:35 in Argentina. That would be 15:35 GMT.
you have a 25pip stop loss and a 40pip take profit.

Despite the others questioning about the rational behind this… I do see some reasoning for trading at a specific time. Price seems to do certain things at certain times of day. But is it reliable enough to be tradeable. I have been playing around with something similar.

I would like to know what you mean by taking into account what happens on Sunday in New York at 17:05.

That is something you have not explained yet.


Sorry but i don´t understand your system, and this is only for AUD/USD ?

Yes only for AUD/USD.

Assuming you get these right, the question would then be, how much will next week’s predictions require from my Pay Pal card…

Is that how this is played?

no, no pay pal required. he accepts cash only :slight_smile:

Is the time 10:35 GMT or EST? The reason I’m asking is, somewhere around 10:30 GMT the London gold fix takes place. After the fix is set futures - option traders, and other $$-big players-$$ might try to push back against the gold fix moving the price in there favor. Could be why it’s an AUS/USD play.

the time is 10:35 am GMT in nwe york so here in Argentina is 12:35 pm, enter at any webpage how has a time in the world.



And no money back guarantee either:p

you dont need guarantee. Trust me.

Thanks for all comments.

Hi is 120pipsperweek and wonpips the same person?

I thought I had it right but this is what’s confusing. New York time is 5 hours different from GMT.

When it is 10:35 in New York, It is 15:35 GMT

yes, becouse i dont read and write very well english and i broke the forum rules using my e-mail adress, sorry for that mistakes. I do my best to write in the correct form.