$130-$470k BTC, do you think it will go this high in 2021?

I thought my $120-240k was very optimistic. You think it’s possible for BTC to reach $400k levels this year?

I have been keeping track of the predictions of six independent “influencers”, the most optimistic being one that predicts a high of $387K by 10May21 and an end of year value of $286K (Crypto Casey). Personally, my own (linear) business plan prediction is $150K by year end, and the one I trust the most of all the influencers is that of Max Kieser who has it at $220K by year end. I have watched Max Kieser for over a decade but never picked up on his penchant for Bitcoin until the middle of last year. In summary I think your range estimate is wholly realistic.

BTW, if BTC does reach $400K by the end of this year, it is going to be very hard to HODL - may have to sell half (LOL). :wink: