15 Minutes charts

Just wondering if anybody have any success trading the 15 minutes charts? If so what kind of indicators are you using for it?


I am a noob myself but i trade the 15M charts only when I have the time to watch them because I do not use indicators, only candle patterns and current price movement. When I do trade the 15M charts I tend no to stay in the trade as long as the longer term charts. Good Luck!

Hi Acetrader,

I use the 15 min t/f for the Asian session. Right now I’m only using fibonacci lines for break trades, and fibonacci patterns (gartley/butterflies) for reversals.


I use fibonacci as well on the 15m. And look for reversal and continuation patterns.

I do use a 5 WMA, but it’s only to point out direction.

There are various 15min methods you can use but intraday gtrading like this is if you are around to watch the charts all day long.
You can use trendlines and breakout trading or you can use
trendlines, EMA, and bounces off the EMA.