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Please may I respectfully bring to the forum staff’s attention posts #135-150 of [B]this thread[/B], in which several of the forum’s actively-contributing, longstanding members express some well-warranted and unaddressed concerns? Thank you … :8:

(Please appreciate that I do so in public only after repeated attempts to inquire about these issues privately have apparently been persistently ignored!)

Please excuse my expressing my surprise and disappointment that even after trying the approach of posting here, as a last resort, there was [B][I][U]still[/U][/I][/B] no response, nor even an acknowledgement of the problem, even five days later.

It almost defies belief.

Having reported another post in the thread concerned, I finally got a reply from an Administrator tonight, saying “Thanks for reporting this to us. The moderators will be monitoring the thread.”

My reply (sent to the person concerned and to Pipstradamus) is below …

If they want to ban me for this, and retain the spammer instead, that’s fine with me. As it stands now, I probably don’t want to participate here anyway.

The surprising thing is that you’re so surprised at all at their lethargy.
It’s been the same for years. They sit & watch (or not as the case may be) until everything gets out of hand & then have to firefight the situation to prevent further chaos from ensuing.

The main problem isn’t so much his ridiculously inept thread, rather the constant replying to[B] every single introductory thread posted on the forum.[/B] Sometimes there literally are 30+ copy/paste reply comments from this fool flooding the what’s new/today’s posts menu at one time.

You log in on a regular basis to be faced with this ludicrous situation & the forum mods/admin simply ignore it rather than manage the annoyance proactively. That is what’s culminating in all this discord on his thread.
Once again, their inactivity is inflaming the situation & making it far worse than it ought to be.

I’ve already suggested a perfectly adequate workaround to nip this in the bud in 2 posts on that thread. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever the introduction section needs to appear in the main forum new posts menu.

If folks are even remotely interested in seeing who the latest 1 post wonder is to have sauntered onto the forum they can go hunt it out. We don’t all need to be subjected to a conduit for the likes of Branco to clog the forum up with his verbal diarrhoea every few days.

Congratulations, the aforementioned thread has now been closed.
Thanks for all your efforts Lexy, keep it up :slight_smile:

Thread closed! Nicw job, Lexy!!

Thanks ,Lexys, for your due diligence. It is a great pity when negative situations and issues are allowed to develop on a particular thread to the extent that they begin to cast a grey cloud over the forum as a whole. I am very happy that your voice has been heard.

I still consider myself a newbie as far as this site is concerned and I very much like its concept of targetting newcomers to trading and helping them through their early trials - and the forum, together with its experienced trader participation, is a very significant part of that. But with that concept also comes a great responsibility to ensure inexperienced traders are not exposed to irresponsible and misleading guidance and/or taken advantage of by below the radar commercial interests.

It is to the great credit of the long-term, regular posters here that they are concerned about maintaining the quality of this site by voluntarily monitoring the quality and content of posting here and flag issues that are out of line. It is also to the great credit of the site monitors that they have listened to issues raised by you people and reacted to them appropriately.

Personally, I think it is a great benefit to a site forum if there are regular posters who are also [I][U]visibly [/U][/I]site forum moderators. This always helps to identify problems at an early stage and prevents issues from getting out of control. Whenever there are regular posters who are [I]also [/I]visibly moderators it helps to keep situations calm before they have a chance to become cancerous.

Indeed - exactly so.

It just fills the forum with junk posts (many of them copy-pasted, as you say).

But that’s what these people do: they need to have some credibility before they start selling and spamming whatever it is they’ve come here to sell and spam (and they come here, specifically, to do it because all the other trading forums have moderators who prevent it); so they need to inflate their post-count. And in a largely unmoderated forum, they can do that simply by copy-pasting junk, and making large numbers of fatuous, trite, one-line posts with no real content at all.

It was obvious from the day he arrived here that that was Branco’s plan (just like one or two other people I could name).

The reason these things turn into such problems, here, is that the moderators persistently ignore it, even when it’s pointed out to them. As can be seen, they’re not active members here and are unfamiliar with what’s going on.

I strongly suspect that the forum’s owner [U]genuinely[/U] doesn’t appreciate that that’s why his traffic and participation are [I]declining[/I] at a time when forex-trading itself is booming and those of one or two other trading forums with pro-active moderation are [I]increasing[/I].

Awesome job. This is exactly how this forum should operate- like a democracy. Users self-moderate and when we all sniff a snake in the grass, the forum owners step in and mediate. Too many folks who are new to trading get sucked in by dummies like that guy, who I swear I once saw a post saying he charges $80.00 / hour to “mentor”, and wind up broke.

Keep up the great work everyone…I’ve been around on this site for a while, and I’ve been getting the sense that a “Babypips 2.0” type of revolution is currently underway.


That makes sense: given the content of his trading-related (i.e. non-spamming) posts, it’s obviously going to be a [I]whole lot[/I] easier for him to make some money by charging people $80 per hour for “mentoring” than it is by trading his own money! :34:

Interesting: thanks, Jake.