1st post

I have been lurking for 3-4 mos and I want to thank all for the many insightful comments.

  1. I have tried using Oanda’s demo platform but can’t get different prs to hold the indicators I set up for a specific pr. When I go to another pr and set diff. indicators, the 1st pr. gets changed too. I have 2 diff sets of instructions from Oanda but to no avail. If any Oanda users out there can help I would appreciate it.
  2. I was away for a while and when I went back to “James 45 pip/day” (this should prob. be posted to “Holy Grails”) his strategy was no longer visible. I wrote it down but was it changed in any way? I tried the email thing but you need Skype - whatever that is.

It is good to be aboard, thanks to all.