2 Noob questions

  1. I trade with $200, how much per lot should I open? I trade in MT4

  2. I make profit some days and I make loses some days, but at the end of the week I m still at the place where I started the week, what am I doing wrong here.

  1. I would suggest 1 micro lot (~2% per trade with 30 pip SL) or less. But since MT4 can only trade lots thats probably the best you can do for your risk management.

  2. it could be a hundred things, you would need to be much more detailed. Show your system, show your results, entries, exits etc just to know if your technically doing everything correctly assuming your system has an edge. then you would have to evaluate your own trading performance, maybe your not applying the system correctly and have created a profit gap.

Most brokers that use mt4 allow 1/100 of a lot as a minimum trade size. Most brokers use a standard lot size of 100,000 1/100 of that is 1000. Depending on your account a lot might be 10000. If its a standard lot (100000) then a 0.01 on mt4 volume when you enter would amount to $0.10 a pip. With a $200 account and 2% risk and a 0.01 size trade you could have a 40 pip stop.

Alright thank you guys for helping.

1-2% risk.

If your willing to learn a lot about trading and become profitable imo go to ICT’s thread. Watch and rewatch all his video’s.

ICT Thread? Can you please guide me to it