2 year trader new to forum

Hey everyone my name is Frank. I live near L.A California, Iv been trading for a couple of years. I lost my job as a medical biller for a huge health care company out here in California. I became full time trader because of this and never turned back since :wink: I trade EUR/USD primarily. I’m looking forward to being a part of the Babypips community.
have a good one, thanks for stopping by.

Welcome mate, I am new myself and also going full time. You must be profitable if you have lasted 2 years in the game? well done :wink: what is your trading style?

I have been profitable by staying organized and tracking my daily pips on an excel. My trading style is scalping with trailing stops and I use a EA on a second account. :smiley:


How do you hedge being that you live in the US?

I ment scalping :slight_smile: oops…

Welcome Frank. How do you scalp with trailing stops??

XD jk, don’t answer that!