20 EAs, $1000 - Lets see where it will go - 100% automated -10x leverage (Daily updates)

Hi all,

Background about myself, I mainly trade in equities, recently ventured into the forex space using algorithms.

Just started my journey in FX using purely just EAs. I built all this EA by myself using machine learning methods. They could be trading on indicators such as RSI crossover or even stupid ideas like 3 green candle.

I have backtested all strategies from data from 2010 to ensure they are worked in the past.

I will be adding more EAs on a regular basis as my ML model is constantly churning out new strategies.

May all the probabilities be in my favour. Happy to chat if you guys have any questions.

Dated: 7 June 2020

myfxbook link


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Interesting, keep us updated…

Interesting. What’s your ML platform?


with Keras and Python?

JupyterLab with TensorFlow/Keras.

I guess that qutie standard. Not working on high frequency, so not touching R or C++ for now.

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Shorted USDJPY at 108.863


New position opened.

So many bad trades for 09 June 2020.

Early loses in the week, Nice comeback on Friday.

Those definitely weren’t bad trades at all that sell on GBP/USD was so warranted. It was literally skidding amongst a bunch of pairs and I expect that continuation to continue into this week as well.

Yeah, GBP was a good play. Lets see what is next for the coming week.

Just looking at the commercial shorting on COT report pound chances are pound will continue to weaken before become low enough for a nice buy.

Have you tried looking at how COT report and pound corelate in the past 2-3 years after brexit?

Yes but I rarely pay attention to pound when I look at COT reports now a days. I pay attention to the safe haven currencies and use it as my paintbrush for when I’m looking at pairs.

For example last week I saw some more yen buying and decided to just open longs of yen on my little demo for shits and giggles and they were all up by the end of the week. I think pound has more to drop before it goes back appreciating.

Ic, hope my algos put more sell trades on pound this week.

Something is telling me this will be a volatile week ahead of us. Which is what we need to profit anywho. I’m looking to short AUD, NZD, GBP this week or JPY, CHF longs but again only on my demo as I’ve accomplished my goal for the year.

Congrats man

Boring week - Mostly paper cuts.