__20 Going on 21__

Oh boy.

Tomorrow I turn 21.

In the past year I’ve done a lot for myself. Realized and learned quite the amount. It’s turned my life in a wonderful direction and I feel like I’m truly on the path to success.

With turning 21 see’s all those restrictions taken away (bars, gambling, basically drugs lol) and damn I honestly don’t think I’ll keep with the American trend and go get blackout drunk :joy:

Well since I’m totally new to this scene; what advice for myself would and older person give to me while I attempt to stay on the path of success?

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Live your life by supporting others on your path to success.


Will keep in mind!

Give and receive, life has a funny, yet reoccurring, way of showing you that lesson.

Any questions you have, anything you don’t understand…the answer can often be as simple as getting a book about it.

My personal recommendation is also start looking for a potential wife. Look now for someone you can build a future with who has good values. Such women will be more difficult to find as you age.


No matter what might have being/going through, jeez, you’re not in this sh!t alone.
"We’re all in sh!t together!
Sit up, man up and figure it out.

Best Regards & happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Tony! :cake:

You don’t need anymore advice from me. I’ve already given you the best advice I wish I got when I was 21.

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I am turning 54 :cry:

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Man, you must have quite the experience in life I bet!

How different things are in each country. That happens to most Brits when they are about 13 or 14. LOL :rofl:


Gotta love Merica :joy:

You can die for your country, vote for your leaders, and practically sell your body at 18.

but those things, those… things… alcohol and nicotine… 21…

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Happy belated!

Get involved, find your passion, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Start investing, or start learning what investing options you have, even if you don’t have money.

Check-in on your parents, siblings, and the people you love often.


Thanks for the words my friend!