20 x Trade To be rich with small amount

Hello all

This theory will be successful if we take the position in the right position.
can be done in a day, a week, a month or a year, it depends on the ability to do it right

To help us and remind us ,that we need indicators.
I have made indicator alerts for android devices and tablet For free.Just searching it at google play :

MACD Indicator Alert
Bollinger Bands Alert
Stochastic Indicator Alert

Other indicators are still being worked

Ok lets Go to 20 x :

Minimum Balance 100 ($,euro,gbp,etc)
Or make it with 1 $ with cent account

TP : 40
SL : 20
TP: 60 SL: 30 or 70,35 or 80,40 …etc just double TP from SL (whatever u want).not recomendded 20,10

Time Frame & Indicator: whatever ,whichever appropriate to you

This is Martingale System with TP 40 , SL : 20 , Balance 100 :

Step |Lot

If Broker limit a lot to any size,example 100 lot , try 50 lot x 2 .

If Always fail at step 1 , relax,refresh your brain,some coffe,tea,picnic etc.
But if u want to martiangle your loss at step 1 ,its big risk. isnt recommended.but perfect to recover your loss.

Share your result here,fail or succes
if succes lets learn together about it
If loss ,than lets find solutions together.

Happy Trade , Happy Profit

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