200:1 low spread broker?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to get your suggestion on any good 200:1 low spread online brokers. How is forex.com? thanks

You probably already know this and are just to inexperienced to actually listen but leveraging yourself at 200:1 is suicide.

Well, just because you have the 200:1 leverage, doesn’t mean you have to use the thing. If you still trade the minimum, it’s not likely to effect your account, except for the margin of course I am not saying you should use it. But I do agree that if you increase the lots, you would probably no less lose all that’s in the account.

Hey funguy, You’ll find spreads for the major pairs to be fairly uniform among the popular brokers. (There are half a dozen that advertise on this site. Click the links and compare their rates) It shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re trying to scalp a few pips at a time.

I am curious. Why the need for 200:1 leverage?