2017 - Any Broker Recommendation From BabyPippers?

A very good day to all the BabyPippers here !

What do you guys have in mind to suggest/recommend me a good broker in the year 2017? :laughing::laughing:

With that being said, I have heard excellent yet outstanding reviews on several brokers on FF and FPA forums about these guys. Unsure of their ratings, let’s have a look at the guys below;

1: DukaScopy
2: TickMill aka ViproMarket
3: Darwinex
4: LMax

What’s your thoughts about all these brokers or do you have something in mind ? Let’s discussed it here x) !

Best broker for me is IcMarkets
Been trading with them for years with single issue ever.

As a Darwinex customer I’m very happy with them. They may offer less trading instruments than others, but for me the positive difference is their customer support and transparency.
Besides, something that no other broker currently offer is the option to create a Darwin.

I have no experience with them , if you need to make sure which is better please go through FPA. Hope you will get correct one.

Been with them since it’s inaugural launch. They’re excellent, however, the recent reviews from the clients caught me a tad bit wary of their activities.

FPA is a gimmick. Any brokers could sign up with an FPA and collapse the next day. I wondered what would be the next facets to gauge an authentic broker.

Heard a lot of great story from the investors in Darwin. However, I, likewise, had to put my toes in the river before anything else.