2023 Predictions!

Do we have any brave and bold predictions for 2023? What do you think will happen to these things in the next 12 months: crypto, Ukraine/Russia war, gas prices, inflation, USD?

I personally think crypto has a loooong way to go and that IF it will recover, it will take about 4-5 years. I can’t imagine it completely dying just because there’s already an existing industry built around it.

As for the economy, I have a stinking feeling a recession is just around the corner. Unsure how long it will last, hopefully not too long…


True. Who knows how long that will take? I’m holding and forgetting about it.

Gas prices and inflation will keep rising. When was the last time gas prices dropped significantly for a long period of time?

Instead of worrying about gas prices, I stay focused on trading.

Same. Although it’s a little scary now especially after reading @HeavenRobinson’s coinbase story. Like what if more scams come out just because people are “holding and forgetting”? I have all the security measures in place but still, can be scary.

The only way to live!

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