22 weeks into live test :-) success :-) demo was 12 week success :-)

demo over 12 weeks ROI + 36% with risk set to 10%,predominantly positive ROI throughout

conclusions take it live monitor and evolve as required

live micro over 22 weeks ROI -27% risk reset to 3% max,predominantly negative ROI from start

conclusions constantly reevaluate every angle adjust risk with optimum conclusions and maintain logs

seeing recent improvement through increased risk up to 35% when analysis positive also increased quantity of instruments analysed and traded,added are commodities and usdx,35% primarily on USDX suspecting this is lazy analysis as conveniently preset mins by broker make it easy and i love saving time lol

regarding systems my original allowed for infinite perambulations so conclusions are constantly evolving these are as today

system evolving primarily in my head as bulk of trading journal is fundamental recordings(primary job is behind wheel or behind broken systems so limited time with pen)

feeling successful only thru negative statement that most peeps blow there first few rolls still got my first a little shy of 1 year in to my apprenticeship :slight_smile: and still enjoying my experience in the world of Forex which is a nice secondary objective at least i am enjoying my hobble which is extremely cheap managed sensibly compared to all hobbies ive had in past except my dabbles in the art-world but still happy days :slight_smile:

had to close account as trading system requires switch to demo once ROI was -54% is currently -69%

will need to add some better safeguards and initial review of journals suggests a serious reduction in volume of trade taken

most resent major errors have been revenge trades so it may be time for a break anyway

as soon as system is revamped am going to spend a minimum of 4 weeks back in demo

If you threat your trading as a hobby than that kind of results you should also expect.

If you do not want to close your account again you should check your money management.
Trading is not poker.
I suggest 0,25%/0,50%/1% of your total capital risk per trade to begin with.

Reasons why traders lose:

  1. Poor Money/Risk management
  2. Poor executions (revenge trades, emotions, not following your plan)
  3. Strategy (you have no plan or haven’t backtested/forward tested your trading plan)

Unfortunately I can’t see any ways it’s going to turn out positively if you take your trading as a mere hobby, not a serious business.

it is my hobbie but i treat it seriously thats y i have safeguards in place part of my risk managment saved myself from totaly blowing my roll

ben graham the man who taught warren buffet stated there are many ways to speculate unintelegently number 2 was to speculate seriously instead of as a pastime

my system has kept me in game for 23 weeks and saved me from going totally broke i have enjoyed all this time and dont feel any loss i only fail if i fail to learn and im enjoying it

Hey Bro,

I have same experience with you two years ago. but i never up and come back again. I wanted to trade. Fail is part of our lives and believe in ourselves. A special quote for you bro (Thumbs up)

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. [I]~ Michael Jordan[/I]