23/5000 What can I ask here

What can I ask here
I was introduced by a friend
Thanks, I’m a new member, what can I find out in this forum

Hi and welcome.
Start by reading this post

then look at the Education tab and take a look at the School of Pipsology.

As long as you observe the forum guidelines, you can ask any question, and you can find out as much as the time you are prepared to allocate to the task. There are thousands of posts on here - a huge knowledge repository.

You can find out just about everything in this forum. But the best is the trading strategies and plans that you get to see of experienced traders.

If you are interested in learning how to trade, you can start with babypips school. As you are new let me tell you something. In future Don’t trade on live until you know how to manage risk. Also put importance on psychological aspects of trading.

Welcome to the forum. If you are doing forex trading for the first time and you have no idea how to do so, then you can start learning in babypips school of pipsology before you can try other

When you have a question, you’ll know what to ask. Ask anything related to Forex that you do not understand or have access to.

After a trader has talked to other traders for some time and got used to the forum, it is always interesting to know how he feels and whether he managed to get used to the market in full?

Here you can ask anything you want about the market, popular trading directions, strategies, etc. And here we always try to help each other.

You can clear your doubts and share your experience/ progress as you go forth in your trading journey. You can post your problems here and the members will help you solve them.