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I would like to welcome all the new members on the babypips community forum. Yes, I believe you people will make it a well civilized community by sharing your thoughts and opinions in a better way. Thank you and welcome again newbies!


Hello and welcome to the babypips forum. I think new members have to interact with other traders in order to make good connections. The main purpose of this forum is to facilitate you in the form of a community! Am I right members?


The old newbie. Started with the pipschool back in February and started tto demo about 6 weeks ago and plan to play with the big boys in Sep/Oct when I feel more confident and get the consistency I want. I have tried various strategies/timeframes/pairs/objects and indicators, quite a few but not too many to overcook my head. There have obviously been a few ups & downs along the way. Finally I have started to feel very at ease with EURUSD, m1 timeframe with just a zig zag indicator, no stoch, RSI etc. (KISS). The 1st week or so I had mixed results but the last week I have been 100% in the green. This is I think because I am retired (67), can concentrate, have a small income and can devote 4/5hours a day 4days a week staring at the chart. It all seems to be going too well & am awaiting the reality crash. I would welcome your thoughts…At present touring round Spain in an RV with tablet, not the best but coping.


Nice to hear from you, Steve! :slight_smile:

Whilst I can easily think of a lot of other things to do whilst touring Spain than staring at charts on a tablet for 4/5 hours a day, I have to say that I admire your dedication and enthusiasm. Hope it works out for you! :slight_smile:


Totally agree. But living in Spain and touring around it is the norm. HoI do get a great buzz from fx and all the extras from trying to learn a very complex subject. Read a lot of your posts, always informagive


Hi guys i’ve been on the forum for sum time now, and to be honest i have enjoyed the journey thus far especially on school of pipsology. I haven’t traded yet on live account but i am active on demo account, thought trading is easy but I see it needs experience and strategy which is something i believe i would develop over sometime. thanks for this forum it really helps with information.


Hi guys

So am pretty new to the Forex world and am on the look for good brokers to register with, I plan on starting with a demo account

any recommendations??


Hello, I am new here


Hello and welcome to the community!! Are you an FX Analyst? Hope you can tell us a bit about yourself or your trading background. :slight_smile:


I would like to welcome all the new members to the forum babypips.I am sure you stay here will prove worthy for your trading career. It is really a great place for learning purposes. I also want to wish you best of the luck. Thank you and welcome again!


My Name is cleopas motubane

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any recommendations where to start learning? I have started taking the preschool courses, besides that what els can I do or read in the website as a beginner to learn or gain so experience?


I spend time on Twitter also to follow other traders. Aside from that babypips is a good start and also reading through the forums and using the search button.


Hi @Yabi_c! Welcome to the community! When you have the basic knowledge of forex trading, try opening a demo account as you continue the School of Pipsology. Putting what you learn into practice will help you to understand the concepts better. :slight_smile:


That’s really a great idea

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Hello, my name is BigDream a newbie i need assistance in every possible way to enable learn and understand FX. I must say its a very warm platform Admin PLS ACT on THIS. THANKS