24 % a month trading Gold

Real money 24% a month.

I would like to know how you are doing.


you just buy it and the price goes up

I made 48% yesterday… Real money… is that good?

I’d be impressed with 50% :wink:

That’s a great opening comment. Perhaps you could back it up with some real proof, say the last six months, then I will eat my own hat. And please, no Photo Shopping :slight_smile:

I am familiar with gold trading but till now did not test my skills and luck there. I am planning to add gold trading in my trading portfolio. I hope, it will be good decision for me.

Gold is more aggresive than forex. A small tip from me, Gold will tumble when China will slowdown and central banks will be forced to liquidate their gold reserves because no one will want to bailout their country. For a medium-long term investment, sell gold

Where have you been the last 10 years?? liquidate gold?? and change it for fiat money?? NO thanks

And if you want to bail out a country… just turn on the printing press, like Helicopter Ben

A BIG TIP from me… [B]Buy gold[/B], but physical gold and store it in your house, not in a Bank…

Where do you live!!! JK!

:smiley: I just taking Marc Faber’s advice… Marc Faber: “Fed Will Destroy The World” | ZeroHedge

LOL Yunny, Please tell me you have a walk in vault :stuck_out_tongue:

Countries in the euro zone can’t print money whenever they want, where did you get that idea from? The ECB is the big boss and is monitoring the money flows. The new banking union will take of it as well. When countries will get kicked out the euro zone we will central banks liquidating gold into money because no one will help them. I think the buying-spree for the yellow metal is over…

I have never said that countries in the Euro zone can print money… so please do not put words in my mouth, thank you. But since you mention it, the ECB CAN print unlimited money and buy bondswhich at the end means that [I]countries in the Euro Zone might have unlimited fiat monet at they disposal[/I] :wink:

First if countries start to get kick out then everybody will search anti-inflationary assets, that means gold… plus those countries will be out of the EU don’t have to much gold stored…and if they have gold… then China will buy all of it in a heartbeat

Are you shorting Gold?

Of course Gold won’t keep going parabolic but as long we have POMO, Twist, QEinfinity, ECB buying bonds, BoJ FX intervention, etc Gold will keep his way up…

I will mark this forum and return when gold is below $1,500. You will probably tell me it’s a technical correction for further gains lol See you soon, probably in the 1st quarter of 2013

That is a heck of crystal ball :smiley:

As long as Central Banks print fiat money… gold will go up… by the way Gold @ 1795 (new swing high, weekly chart)… and the technical correction might be around 1650 :smiley:

I Think it´s time to sell gold… the rally is over.

Why? would you care to elaborate? technically and fundamentally?

I’m going to keep a bookmark of this and see who was right :rolleyes:

as soon as Central Banks give up printing money, Gold won´t be “safe currency”. and sooner or later, the world economy must give us signals of recovery.
technically, gold has not reached new highs since september 2011. I think is near to stop rising, because of the chanell it is drawing, which is a signal of its weakness at this moment.

I think gold is the only real asset. The fiat money system is only backed by the belief of the people, once that’s Gone you can burn it to heat your house. Second some of the biggest hedge fund guys have put huge amounts of money in gold, either it’s because there losing like crazy and golds the only thing steady upwards or they already have there crystal balls out have know where the gold is moving to. I would imagine gold will go down before it goes up but Buy On The Dips it’s real money not fiat paper!