2618 Trade?

Edit: See if you can spot any this week!!! :smiley: This should be fun. :cool:

The Twenty-Six, Eighteen Trade

Bearish 2618 pattern example:

I’m curious because I want to post on my blog about the 2618 trade but I always like to give credit where credit is due but I can’t figure this one out.
What is the origin of the 2618 trade? I’ve only seen it on FMP Forex Market Preview with Jason Stapleton, but who actually came up with it?
This is probably a stupid question, hahah but thanks if any of you know, it’s not jason is it? maybe it is i know he came up with the cypher xDD
The Twenty-Six, Eighteen Trade

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I suppose its probably jason himself. You can simply give credits to triple threat trading?

thanks for your reply, :d that’s prolly what i’ll do then


this week i’ll be looking for 26-18 trades do any of you trade with them consistently? :smiley:

i want to add it as another pattern in my trading plan as a chart pattern trader :smiley:

Did you sign up for his course?
I believe he gives out trade idea on a weekly basis for free.

He trades a few harmonic patterns and some of his own proprietary ones like you mentioned earlier.

Out of curiosity what does this trade involve. It’s funny you mention it here as I got an email with a market review from them. I have never watched them before but decided why not. He mention this trade. If it is propitiatory info then don’t worry about it. I am sure it involves the 2.618 fib extension.

Ok basically it involves price performing a double top/bottom and moving away from it.
You will buy/sell upon the retracement prefably at the 61.8 level. Thus 2618, 2 = double top/bottom 618 referring to the 61.8 fib area.

He has this pro traders course which I might like to take sometime in the future when I have $$… hahhaha but his weekly videos are VERY helpful I would recommend checking it out.

Yeah I was having problems figuring it out too so I drew it out visually.

He also mentions that although you tipically look for a 0.618 retracement, sometimes it retraces to 0.786, 0.886, 0.5 or any of the other fib levels. Technically, as long as it stays below a 100% retracement it’s still a valid setup but the perfect ones are 0.618 retracements.

We’ll see if we can spot any this week :open_mouth: if you see any post some i’ll be looking for them too. :slight_smile:

This looks a lot like my OTE and Market Structure concepts… and look you even hear my 18 year long “ICT” coined GLGT closer at the tail end of his videos… this occurs in August of 2011 and continues today. Jason if you are reading this… I am flattered. His partner Akil followed me for a day or so on Twitter then poof…

Young start ups…