2nd time newbie

Hi everyone,

This is my second go round with forex trading. In the early 2000’s i took a job at a tiny brokerage firm, not because I ever wanted to be a broker but because thats what my newly gained degree dictated. Needless to say, being so young and impatient I wasn’t satisfied with the moderate success I had and quit about a year and a half later. I hadn’t used my degree since then, until about 3 months ago when I started trading again.

I’m currently a pilot for a major airline, but having recently got married would like a job with a little less travel involved and a lot more home time. I think its really amazing how far forex trading has come in the last decade, with the online retail brokers we can now do it from the comfort of our homes which is exactly what i want.

I guess my reasons for joining this forum is not only to get a refresher and learn more but also to meet other people who plan to become professional traders and maybe form some partnerships.


Greetings Statique… Thanks for sharing your story… It shows that it’s never too late to start our get back into forex trading! It sounds like position trading might be the best route to study for you. Check out our blogs as they lean more towards that, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of folks on here who can help you out. Good luck bud!

Nice to have you back Captain

Am new here myself learning this trade/ you know how it is…clueless,

Any help appreciated thanks