3 golden rules of trading

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According to me, we have to follow these 3 golden rules in trading to make consistent profit

1.Don’t jump like a monkey from strategy to another. every strategy have their own pros and cons. select anyone strategy and make it work most of the time using the help of proper money management and risk reward ratio. try to escape early from loss trade.

2.Trading journal - is like a root for trading. if you cant remember what fault you made in past trade how you will able to get experience. report your faults and mistakes and try to identity early, repeatedly watch your trading journal on weekends.

3.Be consistence -making a loss or profit its not big deal. always have a hope and work with logic and try to dig more information as much as possible by active on Forex market. where you invest yourself their u can be more confident.


Very good one.
I feel like controlling your emotions would be another important rules to consider, don’t you think?


Obviously. It’s one of the most significant trading rule man.


yes it is my dear frnd,

Yup. Emotions are one of the biggest challenges for any trader. We should know how to control them.


Agreed, emotions are hard to control but we have to find ways with which we can keep them away so that they don’t hinder our performance.


It’s Called Prozac

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It is rather a vague one, but good points you’ve got here. Thanks

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Thank you. I did enjoying reading this post. I’ve learned something today/


thanks for reading my article friend

thanks friend , it motivate me post more posts.

thanks for reading , u can expect very clear post in future days

yes my dear friends , we have control our emotions

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Most traders ignore this but keeping a trading journal is vital for tracking your progress. You can always go back to it and check what strategies have worked for you in the past.


yes my dear friend , its true

That’s a good list mate. Most of the traders miss on making a journal for themselves, but I think everyone should inculcate a habit of building a trading journal as it can be of great help in case of any confusions of issues in future.


I am glad that we all agree with that as well.


It is the most important factor for me.

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  1. Risk Management
  2. Patience
  3. Risk > Reward.

yes my dear friend ,

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