3 reasons why Ethereum has been rising faster than Bitcoin price in 2021

There are three main reasons why ETH has been outpacing BTC throughout the past several days. The factors are Ethereum’s accelerating growth, the improving sentiment around DeFi and BTC’s current period of relatively low volatility.

I am really curious whether Ethereum will manage to outpace Bitcoin in the long term.

The one thing that I like the most about trading bitcoin is that you can trade it for cash or assets like gold instantly at low fees. You also get the benefit of high liquidity if you are looking for a short-term investment. Because of the high demand of cryptocurrencies, you can also make long-term investments in bitcoin.

It might be. But I don’t think that it will ever be able to beat bitcoin in popularity. Bitcoin is not only the oldest cryptocurrency but also one of the most trusted cryptocurrencies. People do invest in ethereum but the investments in bitcoin are still more than that.

I think everything is possible, but I also think that for Ethereum to beat Bitcoin something very dramatic has to happen.

Undoubtedly, ETH is performing really well this year, but still it is a long way for it to come near to BTC. But surely, in next decade may be ETH can outshine all the other cryptos as well.