3 reasons why Forex is better than Poker

Hello all, nice to meet you! So i recently made the switch from playing poker to trading Forex. I must admit - the beginning is very hard, but i somehow feel that currency trading has more potential. So here are 3 reasons why i think Forex is better than Poker and other online games:

[li]Currency trading is fantastic at developing your overall intelligence, financial and economical knowledge. It enables and forces you to see the whole picture and improves your IQ and brain power.
[/li][li]Forex trading gives you experience and skills which you can use in other business endeavours and career paths as well.
[/li][li]Forex trading is more serious and has more prestige. If you tell your friends or colleagues that you trade forex you gain respect, if you say you play poker - it makes them associate you with slippery gambling.


What are your thoughts??

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When I tell folks I trade forex…I get blank stares instead of prestige :smiley:

I think both are great skills to making money, but can’t say which one is better. It’s all on the individual and what they feel they can be more successful in, in my opinion.

This probably doesn’t help, but I hope it does! :slight_smile:

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Well, they say poker players make good traders because they know how to play the odds and they are comfortable with risk. Good luck in your trading endeavor!

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