4 or 5 types of group player in the Forex market?


In the below picture, it says “The forex market is basically comprised of four different groups.
In this lesson it’s saying about:

  1. The Super Banks
  2. Electronic Liquidity Providers (ELPs)
  3. Large Commercial Companies
  4. Governments and Central Banks
  5. The Speculators

So, there are four or five ?

Who cares dude?

These are the groups that move price

First 4 are huge institutions

We are part of the speculators…

It also depends on what you mean by the forex market. Most of us private retail traders are not buying and selling currency. We are betting on the changes in exchange rates between different currencies. But we do acquire and exchange currencies. We are gambling.


This topic is not about what those groups are, but about the exact number of groups.

PS: I care for this exact number.

that’s a shame because it’s very subjective and interpretative (and unimportant)

to have a precise number, for a start you’d need a precise definition of each group, and there isn’t one

(which group would you put “a medium-sized hedge fund” into, for example? you don’t know, and neither do i, and i even used to work for one)

what matters, and is relevant, is what Tommor said just above:-


We care, too! In fact, we have just updated this thanks to your post.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 5.27.11 PM

We constantly update the lessons and this time it was ELPs that was added but unfortunately, the excerpt as not updated. So thanks again for letting us know!

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I’m glad that you understood what I wanted to ask / notify in this topic and the fact that you updated the excerpt.

Thus I understood this lesson better.

Thanks for your time.

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Indeed knowing that there are 5 groups Will Make you a waaaaay better trader.

Good job

The Super Banks, ELPs, Large Commercial Companies, and Governments and Central Banks are generally considered the four main groups in the forex market. “The Speculators” aren’t technically a separate group, they are participants from all groups who speculate on currency prices. So, we usually talk about “four groups”.