45 Pips Per Day System Eur/usd

if you want a great EUR/USD system which will net you around 45 Plus pips a day here it is & its simple.

Been back tested.

30 min Chart
Macd normal setting’s
parabolic SAR

That’s all you need

When the first /second or sometime’s third Parabolic SAR dot appear’s and the macd cross Go long in a up trend and the opposite if in down trend exit on the changing of direction.

Good hunting


How would you define “uptrend” and “downtrend” though?
Different method…

Probabaly when the MACD lines cross and head up or down.Plus when the parabolic SAR dots show up below the price its and uptrend and when they show up above the price its in the downtrend. This is definately a K.I.S.S system but with proper money management I’m sure any system can make $$$ :slight_smile:


what Take profit and stop loss level should we use?

If you use VT trader (like me) Here is the auto alert system of James formula, it will give buy entry and sell entry based on 2 conditions:


You will see a buy or sell arrow, if you need visual confidence just add SAR and MACD (but its not needed) with default settings.

Download, unzip, import to your VT Systems.


VT_J45EU.zip (1.59 KB)


This is a good TS for VT traders. I think you should start/open and place this goodies in a separate VT trader thread.

Hi There

There are two option’s for taking profit

1/ When they switch direction or

2/ Stay in until the trend become’s a range

I never use stop loss’s

JIM :cool:


I was just woundering how you import the file in VT Trading. I cant seem to find a way to import the file. Its looks for a .vtenv file when i import and not .vttrs file like yours is.


Go to Tools->Trading System Builder->Import. It will look for .vttrs file. Then go to the chart you want to attach the TS. Right click on the chart->Attach Trading System->Add.

That should do it.

Hi James and Traders. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried this system on a larger time line, 1 hour or more. Now on a larger time scale, it would probably be wise to use a stop of some kind. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried it yet. Also does it only apply to the Eur/Usd cross, or does it work on all currency crosses?? Thx

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Hi saggie
I use only EUR/USD it works the best i have tryed the others same with time frame

hope this hepls


Thx James

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Do you exit when psar reversed + macd cross over again?

I shorted usd/chf last night on 30M. psar dot appeared on the bottom, the next bar psar reversed on top but the current direction of trade is still correct. How do you avoid false signal with psar?

Hi thats one of the main reasons i only use this system on the EUR/USD

you could use a 6/13 ema to make sure but the EUR/USD is best


I have been checking some other indicators for this system, i noticed that slow stochastics can get you in the trade early and out of it early also. I noticed that Parabolic SAR gives a late entry signal on alot of currencies crosses. This does not apply to the Eur/Usd cross, just some of the other ones so far.

For an example, put up a Gbp/Jpy on 30 min, with macd, Para SAR, and add slow stochastics with it’s default settings. Look at Jan 22 bars, at 6:30 and 7:00 am. You will notice at 6:30 stochastics crossed, macd’s histogram bar closed smaller. If this is a signifigant way to read an early entry, that could have gained the trade by about 15 - 20 pips. Now i didn’t personally enter this trade, but i will be checking these out on my demo and checking the % that applies. I also recommend putting a stop lose 15 - 20 pips above or below your entry, plus the spread. Now sometimes if the currency is at a bottom or top, you would put your stop about 15 - 20 pips below or above the breaking point. I also recommend adding in a trailing stop if you have to run errands or anything, you never know, something could happen out of your control, better safe than sorry is my motto. I use a 35 pip trailing stop.

As i said i’m just getting started testing this method, i did 9 trades last night on James system with 7 profitable and 2 loss’s, with a gain of around 170 pips or so.

Any thoughts would be excellent or if i’m missing something, please reply.

I have noticed that using stochastics unfortantly gives alot of false signals, like i said i will be checking this system out. Thx

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Shaggie, your results are great. I just have a bad taste using psar - 3 trades involving psar last night were loses for me. However I have not yet traded James system “AS IS” and just on eur/usd. So if James is bringing in 45 pips per day consistently on this pair, I would trade it as is and wont change a thing.

I am still looking for a good intraday system since I don’t have alot of opportunity with 4H and will be testing this system.

Here’s a possible trade that i may take, check the usd/chf. 9:30 am - 10:00 bars, i’m gonna wait till the 10:00 bar closes to confirm whether i get into this trade or not, if macd histogram closes smaller and stochastics have crossed i will enter the trade, with a 20 pip sl and a trailing stop of 35 pips. If all goes well, macd lines should cross 2 or three bars after confirming a direction change up, and then we will see what happens from there. Sorry James don’t mean to rip your system apart, just looking for something to confirm a move with a better %. I also recommend if you are going to try other currencies other than eur/usd, make sure it doesn’t have a large spread. The larger the spread the more risk you are adding to your trade.

Thank you Ramrocket for helping me with that.:slight_smile:

Your welcome. Glad to be of help.:slight_smile:

I must thank you James for posting this trading style on here. Now i may be jumping the gun but as far as i’ve seen in the last couple of days, with alittle tweaking and a bunch of patience, this system actually works pretty good. One key thing to remember is to not even think of trading around reports when using this system though, but i will know better after we see some major moves from reports. Thx:)

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