450+ pips in two weeks. what harmonic pattern is this?

so i’ve been trying to work with harmonic patterns as the next stage in my forex education, and i’m trying to figure out what harmonic pattern this is. i was back testing and if anyone else caught this they would’ve profited 450+ pips as the market shot right through the 1.618 extension. the only bullish pattern that i can find that’s close is the cyper pattern

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It looks like there’s a bullish engulfing pattern, followed by a piercing pattern at the bottom of the downtrend (29th Aug)?



Thanks for the reply. I am not familiar with reading candle sticks as you are referring to, so I’ll have to research that a bit unless you can go into details?

As far as harmonic patterns are concerned, I’ve determined that it is in fact a shark pattern, bullish of course, that developed there that I had outlined.

Random question, does the 212 in your nickname refer to the NYC area code? Just asking because I live there. Thanks!