450 to 900 pips one day Perfect Anaylsis

450 pips one day or 900 pips in one day trade with 9 pairs with lower spread . eur/usd, usd jpn, eur/jpn, gbp/usd, usd/can, eur/chf, eur/gbp , nzd/usd, aud/usd or any other currency . Trade with hourly chart / 3 hr chart for bigger picture, with normal macd, rsi, stochastic , fibonacci and include the ema setting. Just analysis the chart correctly and include all indicator for earn 50 pips for every pairs. with 9 pairs , can earn 450 pips. Then move for second set to earn another 450 pips which all the pairs after the first trade set reach the target. Stop loss should be 50 pips. I think this is better then to trade one or 2 pair to earn 450 pips in one day should be more risk. I trade with a smaller lot 5k. For those want to trade with bigger lot , you need enough capitals for this type of trade strategy.

cool strategy

sounds like a cool strat…but y only 5000k units?

y not 25k or 35k so u can get 2.50-3.50 a pip?

All depands on your account size , you capital of investment ,money management, how much you want to risk for a single trade. . If you want to risk small amout then you just trade with smaller lot size. If you want to risk more then you can select bigger lot size. I,m select small lot size because i can trade more lot instead of just to trade 1 lot. And when trade goes agaist you , then you will lost all your investment . This all depend on individual . If you have enough financial, then you can trade bigger lot like 100K , 200k , The thing dat you need to consider when you want to exacute any of single trade, Stop Loss , how leverage and margin work when you create order for any currency. distance to you trade order. Most of new bies Trader , always make a mistake , They open a/c with 5 k or 10 k or more. Then , trade single trade with all the amount they invested . tight stop loss order because exacute big lot , and you can’t predict the price movement . You lost all your investment .

yea i understand exactly what your saying…im still trading demo acct …im trading 90k a trade now on it lol…im doing fine too

but when i put real $ in an acct im gonna do like 35k on avg…a min of 15k every trade…man i need this paper i dont have time to ***** foot around…scared money wont ever make money…no nuts no glory