4xfx Scam Alert

I deposited $250 in a free account. Dennis phoned me to tell me it’s too little they need more. So I took my morgue payment and deposited another $1000. After reading all the reviews online, I changed my mind. The same day I deposited the funds and before any trading could take place, I requested a withdrawal. After 11 days nothing. When I send e-mails they tell me they must take to me over the phone. Stay away everyone. So instead of making money I lost money I didn’t have and am now 1 month in arrears on my home loan. Stupid me! Don’t fall into this trap.

It is not unusual for brokers to be wary of immediate withdrawal requests even when no trading has taken place. One could even say especially when no trading has taken place. They are obliged by the regulators to avoid any transactions that could be part of money laundering operations, even on a small scale.

I suggest you talk to them on the phone and confirm by e-mail and refer the matter to their regulators if nothing happens. I am not sure who this company is regulated by, but it seems to be an Estonian based firm? I.e. in the EU. But it does not seem to be complying with the ESMA rules concerning information required on their website.

I do not understand why you would have deposited your mortgage money into a trading account!!! Did you really expect to be earning another $1000 from your trades before your mortgage payment became due? How did you intend paying your mortgage if you had not changed your mind about this broker???

First rule of trading: NEVER, EVER, risk money you cannot afford to lose - however safe you broker is!

Good luck of getting your funds back!


Don’t set yourself up for a problem.
1st mistake was using money you either could not afford to lose or it was allocated for your mortgage payment.

Don’t get me wrong, I wrote the book on how to set your self up.

Good luck getting the money back.

It is so surprising how much scams people have been through on the internet. However quick it is to judge, I am reminded that is very easy to fall a victim as this can happen to anyone. Some scammers are very sophisticated and will provide all necessary details to convince you to part with your hard earned funds.

If you need help recovering your funds, go to you tube and search for the following video title; “Zenith Fund Recovery- Diane’s feedback and appreciation video.”

I hope these experts are able to help you recover your funds, capital, assets, binary options as they have assisted countless people I have referred to them.

Good luck and be careful when investing.

Hmmm… don’t fall victim.