5-10% profit

Hello im Sasa and im new on forum. Want to ask is real to make 5-10% profit per month on forex trading? I know for too much people who make more money then 5-10% but i want to be real in this story and ask somebody who are enoght experianced :slight_smile:


Yes, it is true. You can even make it on a daily basis (depending on the strategy and the market) with a leverage of 50:1.

The sky is the limit Im guessing. George Soros made one billion in one day, course he had probably a couple million but still good leverage.

It’s definitely a realistic goal, but it all depends on your trading style. The more aggressive you are, the more money will you make, [B]if[/B] you are good at what you’re doing.

It’s doable, but be ready to risk more money.

Yes i can riski 5000 euro for start. Today i made good precent on Pound, GBP/USD maded on 70$ i earn 29$ in 10 mins. Now is 18.53 i taked 70$ again on GBP/USD - SELL. Think it will go down again.

I think it will go down again isn’ t the kind of trading that will make you profitable in the long run. You should have a system.

It depends on your account capital. If you are happy with your 5% profit per month on your account capital, then its easily possible. But you need to have a big capital for this.

Hai rankulja,

It is real to make 10% per month. But what you should know actually how the step from a new trader to become great trader that can make 10% a month.
If you really interested in trading. Please to make sure you learn all the basic and knowing what this world of trading can do to you.
Because people attract to trading only by it’s profit not how the famous people spend their entire life dedicating to learn trading until they make profit out of it.

just few advise from me. You learn the basic it’s gonna take a while. I spend 1 year to learn the basic with a mentor. than i spend another year trade using virtual account. when i already able to survive in virtual. i play with my own money for another year.
Takes a lot of effort, but unfortunately right now I only able to make around 2% each month. it’s small amount of money but i’m looking forward to learn more in babypips and other forums to enhance my ability.

Usually, profits are counted on a yearly level and according statistics a successful traders are making somewhere from 15-30% per year so from here you can do the math and see what should be your monthly profit if you are one of those traders.

You asked if it was “real”, not if it is possible. It seems almost everyone who has posted here is saying whether or not it’s possible. Of course it is possible, anything is possible, but it is not realistic. If you were able to average 5-10% a year you are doing good because you are basically matching the average return of the equity markets. So a 0.5-1% average monthly return would be on par, but you generally don’t measure monthly, more so quarterly or annually. Best of luck to you!

Isnt real … the real is maybe 100% or more :slight_smile:

How about this 1 :

5% to 10 Profit is reasonable for me as I experienced high targets are not easy to achieve . We can remain relax with making regular small profits. If we get weekly or monthly 10% profit it will be a big achievement.

Yes if you are new then 5 to 10% profit is good but you can make more when you will get more experience and knowledge about Forex and then you make on daily basis.

What do you base this on? Do you not know the failure rate in forex?
You are doing the op an injustice suggesting that 5 to 10% a month is realistic for a newbie. While I dont wish to discourage anyone from trading, the truth is that he is far more likely to blow his account, more so if he goes in with false expectations

Yes this profit is enough for a trader . It is very realistic helps him to do realistic decisions in trading .When we want more we are more in risk .Getting 5-10% profit monthly is a good average for a trader he can increase it gradually not at once he should try to double his amount.

The OP asked whether it is real to make 5%-10% per month with forex. Yes, it is. Despite what some say in this thread.

I don’t know where that comparison with stock trading came from and the suggestion that we didn’t answer the OP’s question. I say from experience that it is not hard to make such returns per month.

However, I agree with eddieb -> new traders will make higher returns with super overleveraged accounts before blowing up their first account. But for consistent 5%-10% returns experience and dedication is required.

In short: Yes, it is realistic, but that doesn’t mean that you will make that consistently right from the start.