5 Ways to Fail at Forex Trading

1.Use Money that you need for day to day living-
If you have some savings that you might be depending on as a safety net, or even as what you plan to use to pay the bills in the near future, use it to fund a forex account, this will insure that you feel some pressure to succeed and feel highly emotionally attached the money.
2.Sign up with any broker-
Who wants to waste time with broker shopping. Just pick one from a random internet search or from a random forum recommendation from a stranger. No need to research, or use a demo account. Open an account with a random broker, no need to worry about what country they are based in or whether they have to follow the regulations of your country.
3.Don’t waste time practicing-
Practicing just sharpens your skills, it doesn’t let you cut through the chase and just get to the trading. Start trading with real money immediately. You can learn as you go.
4.Trade Wild West Style-
No need to think before pulling the trigger. That takes all of the fun out of trading. Make trades completely on impulse. Trade any lot size you want.
5.Don’t bother worrying about risk-
Life is short, why worry about what you’re risking. Who cares about using stops, or worrying about how much risk exposure you have. Worrying about these things is such a waste of time. It’s better to fly by the seat of your pants and figure it out as you go.