5% without Leverage

Hello everybody. I want to do exactly trade as how it is working. Thats why ill do Forex without leverage. On the other hand the main reason is that when my capital increases to a large amount, brokerages can limit your leverage levels. So i decided to do trade without leverage,
Here is my question: Is it possible to make 5% increase on bankroll?
If your answer is yes, can you make me simple explanation which steps i need to follow?

its a lucrative topic 5% without leverage but in practical this is not easy at all. above all for the traders who are particularly beginners level.

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new forex trader should not use any kind of leverage ratio , because from all financial tool in Forex it contains huge risk , so should more careful.

Do you have up to $50k as capital? If not, you might need leverage from brokers to be able to place and hold trades. The availability of leverage is necessary for traders with very small capital.

In the beginning I suppose to use max 1:3 leverage. But then i want to quit it. I have $10k as capital, and it is enough for 0.01-0.10 lot size.

Leverage is a strategy in which an investor uses debt (borrows money) to invest in certain financial products to increase the potential return of an investment. … If you trade with no leverage at all and invest $1,000, for every 1% move in the market you can gain or lose $10, which equals 1% of $1,000.