$6.4 mln stolen from Fusion Network in a hacker attack

Over 6.4 million USD worth of FSN Tokens were stolen from Fusion Network’s Swap Wallet after the block chain- based swap wallet platform was hacked on September 28,

A swap wallet has been compromised resulting in the theft of 10 million native FSN coins and 3.5 million Ethereum based ERC-20 FSN tokens.

Fusion Foundation said in a statement that only a single wallet was affected, and that the hackers were probably already laundering their loot.

“Compromise of the swap wallet was due to the Private Key being stolen. The Fusion Protocol and technology itself has been and remains secure. After the currency was stolen, abnormal wash-trading behavior occurred, and some of the stolen tokens were sold across exchanges, in particular Bitmax and Hotbit”, Fusion Foundation said.

Hmm. :open_mouth: I mean, at this point, people should be implementing super strict security measures right? :open_mouth: This has happened a lot of times already. :open_mouth:

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That’s another case why you shouldn’t invest in crypto and do your own thing anyway no matter how hard you try and something like that. Be real with that please anyway. I am thankfull I am dealing only with stocks and forex as usually;)

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There is plenty of scam in the forex industry too though.

No mention of how this was done. I find it strange that wasn’t mentioned. Unless it was social engineering or some internal exploitation of staff or company networks/computers. At this point, it wouldn’t help if the “hack” was easily preventable.

Even Fusion network fell victim to the scam! The user’s cryptocurrency wallet ought to be equipped with an increased number of robust safety features.