600% profit in 2 trading days

I have my demo account profited 600% in 2 trading days. with 33 trans and 30 of them are profit. Leverage 1:100 Inital fund 5000 usd. Closing fund 30,000+

Yet i still not ready to open a live account. I hav years experience in trading stocks…but completely new to forex…

With my experiences, i can tell that 600% profit is NOT NORMAL, and i feel real uncomfortable with it…

The trans details are attached.

A common saying amongst traders is “I wish I could trade a live account like I trade a demo account”. Demo accounts are much easier to trade.

It’s good that you can tell it’s not normal. At this point, many people dump all their savings into Forex and waste it all away. Congratulations on your wins, but as you suspected it is not as easy as it seems. I am sure your stock experience will help but the journey to becoming a profitable Forex trader is a long one. It will probably be 2 or more years before you can consider yourself truly profitable.

It seems you have a trading method that works for you and you clearly know the basics. In my opinion, you seem ready to move to live trading. You have learned all you can from demos.

Perhaps consider opening a [B]SMALL[/B] live account (no more than $200) with an amount you can afford to lose, allowing you to experience the real market. I know this is probably contrary to what you will hear from most people but I believe you have to trade money to become a real trader.

So contact a broker, open an account and start making money.

Thanks NickB. I will be getting a live account next week.

I have no idea which broker is better. Currently i am looking forex.com, easy forex and fxsolution.

Which one is the best in the industry?

Chinatop, good advice from Nickb. Best wishes to you on your live account. BTW…care to share a little about your methodology?

my skype: chris.lau919
msn: <[email protected]>

would love to share with anyone :slight_smile:

Wow, I was happy with my 264 pip profit in my first week of trading. (I lost about 33 pips)

I have to admit I traded dummy accounts about 7 months ago for a while. The first time I tried I started trading totally backwards.

Slowly but surely Reading up on BP.com eventually got me less dumb. I do prefer to stick my finger in the fire though.

Anyways after a 7 month gap, a touch more reading then back into a dummy account all the reading from the past seems to make more sense. I popped in 6 trades I think and 264 pips thanks.

Not much compared to China but it’s a nice way to start things again.

Big ups to PipSurfer for helping me understand. The videos really help.

Cheers team!

Badly in it to be trusted. And if 600 % for two days the condition and in the future conducts this non-observance to ruin are valid.

The last two weeks of trading have been relatively easy, and this is not indicative of a normal trading atmosphere, so take your big gains with a grain of salt, because it wont be always this easy.

You can bet some serious intervention is going to happen shortly, so reap the easy pips while you can, cause it may all change next week or the week after that

Cheers for that. I’ll have to keep an eye on things.

I too am very surprised and to not be trusted, that it is possible to earn 600 % a month

it’s not a month

it’s 600% in 2 days ! I have no idea how to attach the history here. YOu can add my msn to see

hey. it’s a lot luck in there. I am a scaple…I only trade based on M1, M5… i am not showing off here…just want to meet people all over world as trading is really boring …

News ? work fine this EA?

Alex - the previous post was in [B][I][U]2008[/U][/I][/B]!!

I think its a fair bet he blew his account just after this

I agree … close to a certainty. :wink:

I think most important in trading is making regular profit, if getting profit until 600% in two trades it very fantastic result but not always will makng profit because trend market also easy to changed, I am also ever making profit more than 100% only two hours , but maintain performance is not easy

:frowning: this pass week is really tough & rough for me :frowning: