7 Important things about your trading platform

Trading is a fight. The trading floor is like a boxing ring in which millions of traders fight for winning or at least for survival. In order for you to succeed, you need all the help you can get and the first one is your trading platform. The trading platform should not be just a tool that helps you place orders, but it should be a weapon and a way of making a difference. In order for this to happen it must fulfill some requirements, different from trader to trader. Without saying that I have indentified all of them, below are listed those that are the most important for me.

[li]The platform should have a friendly look
[/li][li]Integrated TA platform with all the features you need (charts, indicators, etc)
[/li][li]Possibility to easily skip between tabs and windows
[/li][li]Connected to a real time news feed
[/li][li]Possibility to place conditional orders
[/li][li]Mobility and possibility of receiving signals through e-mail or SMS
[/li][li]Indicator creator, scenario builder and back-testing platform

Below you can see a list of Available Trading Platforms

  • MetaTrader4
  • MetaTrader5
  • ActTrader
  • Currenex
  • Saxo Trader
  • Sirix Trader
  • cTrader
  • ProTrader
  • Proprietary Trading Platforms

Which of these trading platforms fulfills the requirements you wrote above?which one is your favorite and why?

I am using all the platforms that I mentioned but I can’t say that there is a perfect platform or a platform that I prefer the most. It goes down to each and every trader and what he prefers to use and his requirements. This is the same like choosing a car. All of the cars can take you from point A to point B but all the drivers have their own preferences. Some may choose to use a European car and some may choose to go for Japanese car for different reasons.

Have you tried all of these? Which is your favorite? Pros and cons of them? I have been looking for the right platform for myself

Hello there,
I’m using the MT4 and it seems lack of something. It’s about the Fibonacci levels.

The Fib Retracement level is there but I can’t find the Extension application.
There is one Expansion, is this the same as the Extension?

If it is, can you help to explain about it ?
and if it isn’t, what shall I do to get the Fibonacci Extension in place ?

Thank you.

Hi are there any add/ons or plugins that make MT4 easier/friendlier to use in terms of trade execution and tracking?

I agree it is necessary on all platforms to try and throw it to decide what fits you more. Everyone chooses

It’s not easy to choose the best platform as they all have flaws, there is no perfect platform like there is no perfect broker I guess. It really depends on the strategy of the trader and the expected results. But why use only one? Like Allfxbrokers said why not use several, don’t limit yourself. I personally for now prefer the MT4 but as time goes by who knows, I am planning on exploring other options.