$800 to $2000.. Day by day

I don’t know why I’m starting this thread because I’m not profitable yet… but hopefully I can see the light soon… I have been trading for 5 years plus, and somehow I’m still not profitable smh… But I know deep down inside that this is what I want to do… I hate working a 9-5 and being a slave… I want to turn my $800 to $2000… I don’t have a time goal but that’s what I want to do first, and then I will work my way up taking the $2000 to $5000 etc… My new strategy will be to trade with the trend and range markets using pin bars, engulfs, and breakouts as my signals… Ok so that’s it for now, I will be posting tomorrow with some results…

So sad today… I lost my head to the chop today… Lost $120… Hopefully tommorrow will be better.

Sorry to hear that you still aren’t profitable. I’ve been trading for a few years now and have managed to be profitable through a combination of good money management and using good signal services. So hang in there, checkout Workpath.org for free trade alerts daily, that should help you see the general direction of the market for that day.

Well Focus on money there are a few questions that you got to answer before you achieve profitability:

  1. Is your system profitable on the demo?
  2. Are you following your well written down system?
  3. Are you placing the trades when the setup is on?

Answer these the we can proceed.

It can be very difficult to lose money, but it is a ritual that we all must take every now and then. If you have stops on trades and you are still losing you need to consider your trading method IMHO

Decent day today… Took 3 trades 2 winners 1 loser… We had a decent spike in the mornig so i jumped right in for the ride :smiley:


  1. I don’t like demo I rather go live…
  2. Yes 95% of the time i follow my rules even though yesterday i slipped up lol … But I’m good at discipline
  3. Yes…

Yes you are right… Eur/usd was really choppy yesterday and it screwed me up… We hardly get those types of choppy days so i guess im ok with the losing day… I don’t mind changing methods when I see it not working out for me…

If you lost $120 in one day I would say you are risking a little to much, 3/4 days like that and you are out of the game!

You might be right but yesterday was a special tight range day on the eur/usd. That usually dont happen that much on the eur…

No trades today…

Alright focus on money:

  1. Disliking demo is a problem faced by many experienced traders ( its all about our ego). In this case it may affect you but I will tell you" before you walk, crawl. before you fly, drive. I recommend that swallow the humble pill and take onto a demo for a short time.
  2. According to the 25-point Mantra discipline for traders by Doug Zalesky: " BE DISCIPLINED
  3. In the market, the only money you regulate is what belongs to you(equity). The market will move to either direction and its always up to the trader to mange risk.

Keep the questions coming.

Nothing special today… 2 losers, 2 breakevens and 1 winner… I took a long early this morning hoping for a nice breakout from the morning high, but I didnt get that…


Thanks for the post… The only reason why i dont like trading demo is because i wouldnt take it seriously…

Pretty decent day today, 1 breakeven and 2 winners… I went over my trades for the week and I found out that I made a couple mistakes on monday that had cost me… I guess I just have to learn from it and move on. Thank goodness it’s Friday :smiley:

Today +$113

week +$85

I don’t know why but mondays be killing me… Hardly any good movement so far smh… Anyways tomorrow is another day…


A rough week for me… The chop got the best of me this week so I just got to get ready for next week … TGFI :smiley:

Week -$167

Why don’t you post your trades along with your trade plan ? It will make more sense to see what the driving logic behind your trades and you may even get a few helpful tips. Reading how much you scalped or lost is of no use to anyone including yourself. Cheers and happy pipping :slight_smile:

A Nice melt down in Eur/usd… I literally was waiting for a decent pull back But it kept going down Lol… The trend is really your friend But too bad I wasn’t to able to benefit from it today…


Hi focusonmoney, first i wish you good trades.

I agree with thePipRider, post your plan and detailled trade if you want some comment.
Another point is that I find a loss of 167$ really too big for your account of 800 $ ( It’s more than 20%) and personally you can’t say that it’s the market that make you a loss of 20%. It’s you! I think that you have to fix a daily limit. I stop trading the day if I have a loss of 5%. Whatever the system you used, the problem for a majority of losing trader is the trader self not the system.