$83K Bitcoin price in the cards after data shows BTC whales bought the dip

Two key Bitcoin price metrics signal that whales bought the dip to $42,000, a hint that BTC may be gearing up for a new all-time high by mid-June.

Been seeing a lot of FUD lately and currently seeing a lower low. Do you think BTC will go to $80k in June?


Did you buy the dip? :slight_smile:

I bought the dip before this dip then it went lower. :rofl:

How about you?

Got in at 45k might get in again at 4100 lol

Crypto takes up a lot of my time in 2021. At the start of the year I set a target that was not in terms of the quantity of USD our portfolio would be worth at year end, but the quantity of BTC it would be worth. With additional fiat cash in, and growth resulting from our choice of portfolio cryptos I set a realistic target to increase our BTC holding by 25%. Today, we hold, substantially, 40% BTC, 30% XRP, 15% ETH and 15% other. Because of the differential price movements of each element of our portfolio, the overall BTC value of our portfolio today stood at 25% more BTC than it did at the start of this year. So on paper, we have achieved our 2021 goal, albeit we will not sell ETH or XRP to buy back BTC to 100% of our portfolio because I think they will still move farther and faster than BTC. I am still using a measure of BTC to be closing 2021 at a value between $150K and $228K, being the two least ridiculous predictions tracked from a total of six that I maintain track of in my OneNote record of what the social media gurus say from time to time. My most favoured predictor of BTC price is Max Keiser, followed closely by Ben Cowen.

In conclusion, I would LIKE BTC to get to $83K in May or June, but the dollar equivalent price of BTC is not the metric I use to determine our success in the crypto world. It is the % increase of our crypto holding measured in quantity of BTC owned.

To date, we have not traded Crypto on leverage, but when I have finished my Forex pairs algorithm and settled down back into Forex trading, I will turn my attention to enhancing our Crypto portfolio reusing some of the elements of that Forex pairs algo to then backtest and forward test some Cryptos.