90% of profitable trades for the EURUSD. Trading experience 14 years

Hello ladies and gentlemen, traders. You can get free signals for trading and useful information.I do not use trend and classic instruments. My trade without indicators. I use my personal trading system.I have a forum available for discussion, publication of signals and demonstration of trading results. The forum has existed for about 1.5 years. I’m not sure that here you can post a link to the forum…
Please, also see the results of my deals for the last week on the official website of MQL5: Chart EURUSD, H1, 2019.08.26 09:16 UTC, Alpari International, MetaTrader 4, Real - MetaTrader Trading Platform Screenshots

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profitable traders always depend on major pair which is really secure than others. EURUSD is the first choice for us.

As Bruce Lee said: "I am not afraid of someone who studies 10,000 different punches. I am afraid of one who studies one stroke 10,000 times."
For the last 5 years, I have been trading only the euro dollar currency pair, I study the structure of price movements, the logic and psychology of buyers and sellers, the patterns that arise at the start of the movement … I am convinced that in order to make money, a trader should use non-standard tools and a dynamic trading system…

I am sorry, but this chart is nothing considering we have no information about your balance. What I can see is that you are trading between 1-4 lots per trade.
Do you have a myfxbook link or anything else where I can check how your account goes?

I do not think that the initial balance is of key importance. My trading system is made in such a way that there is no need to have a big balance. The main thing is the risk per 1 transaction and the ratio of profitable and unprofitable deals.
In the future I plan to connect monitoring to my account.

I was talking about the balance, not the initial balance. We can agree that the initial balance is not important. :slight_smile:
Yes, the main thing is the risk/transaction, but as I said I see you open 4 lots big trade which requires a huge balance to be on the safe side.
I’d love the check the account. A myfxbook registration takes only 2 minutes

I open a large transaction if I see certain conditions that should be better than in a standard transaction. To be safe, you do not need a big balance, but you need a big leverage, a reliable algorithm and the right money management.:wink:
Why do you need to check my account ?? I’m not selling you anything :grin::smiley:

Sorry. Must have misunderstood you. I am always looking for reliable signals and you started your first post with this.
In this case, forget it. :wink:

Signals and recommendations for trading can be viewed on my forum, for free.

Profitable trader characteristic:

1.Wealthy traders are patient with winning trades and are enormously impatient with losing trades
2.They realize that making money is more important that being right
3.They look at charts as a picture of where traders are lining up to buy or sell
4.Before they enter any trade they know exactly where they will exit for either a gain or a loss
5.They use “naked” charts and focus on zones
6.They realized a long time ago that being uncomfortable trading is OK
7.The markets are their workplace. They are a participant, not an on-looker.
8.They stopped trying to pick tops and bottoms.
9.They stopped thinking about the market being “cheap” or “expensive”
10.They are willing to change sides if the market tells them to do so
11.They trade aggressively when trading well and modestly when they are not
12.They realize the market will be open again tomorrow
13.They never add to a losing trade… EVER
14.Cash is the goal, but never the measure of success
15.They read about mobs and riots
16.They practice reading the right side of the chart, not the left
17.Every wealthy trader has an “edge” they can explain to their mothers
18.Their position size is calculated exactly on risk tollerance
19.Profit targets are based on average range or something objective
20.One or two trades a day make their day
21.Confident decision makers in the face of imconplete information
22.A losing trade does not mean they are a loser
23.They buy higher highs and sell lower lows
24.Their business isn’t trading, it’s finding the right trades
25.They write down or record every trade, price, thoughts, news, attitude
26.Their conviction on an active trade remains unless something major changes
27.A winning trade does not result in taking on extra risk the next trade
28.They trade the reaction, not the news

dude you must have just come off the jungle thinking that we are idiots…your clients results can be easily faked, you dont post real account video results, not verified myfxbook links nothing trying to scam us…admins this guy need to be shat down and his website be labeled as a potential scam

Do not write nonsense … Everyone who monitors my site knows very well that posts are not edited or deleted, most signals are in real time, for example, a buy signal on Friday. You and each trader can check it.
Today a buy signal was published!

After 3 years I will add you another answer. In addition to the paid course, I give absolutely free information that any trader can use. Watch the video, in which I show my trading results and the tools that I use.
If you see the point in this, you can add tools to your trading strategy.