90% of Supply and Demand Traders define these zones incorrectly

The last two years have been a roller coaster ride in trying to figure out supply and demand trading because it was something I believed very strongly. I’ve done couple of courses out there in the internet to understand this and also gone thought all of Sam Seiden’s videos on youtube multiple times. Online Trading Academy’s course was too expensive me to follow but I think I managed to understand what Sam Seiden is saying and what is not said by any of the other Supply and Demand Traders out there.

I will simply put it like this. What we call as a zone is a candle with 50% of the body which is what we usually call as a basing. For a typical supply and demand trader all they need is one 50% candle in their basing. But for Sam he needs at-least 3 candles. What he says is if we consider zones which are having only one candle within the zone then there are zones everywhere.

Understanding this was a huge wake up call for me. Because what we are actually trading is ‘accumulation’ and ‘distribution’ zones which are talked in Wycoff theory. If anyone is interested in knowing more about this or wants to add something to it or disagree with me please share your opinions. I would like to discuss this even further.


looking forward to following your thread. I am not a professional by any stretch…

I will identify recent S/D zones on the daily/4H chart and mark them with a rectangle.

I will then change the year of the rectangle date parameters to 2001 and 2021, then zoom out on the W and/or M to see how price has reacted in this area. Quite often it will be shown as a S/D zone in the past. It’s not an exact “science” but for me another bit of intell to consider.

Thanks for starting this thread, great topic.


Thank you for you reply.

Are you talking about fresh and original zones

This is a fresh and an original zone where no selling has been done in the past.

This is a fresh but not an original zone because price has bounced from that area in the past so buying has done in this area in the past.

I’m working on my supply and demand trading at the minute as this is the key for successful trading. I’m unlearning what i’ve learnt and adapting it.

That’s great news. If possible please share some of your zones and we will discuss them.