95% Accurate trade Entry Signal!

My Vision is developing WORLD BEST FX TRADING system

Hi babypips friends! I'm new to this forum but not with fx market.i'm a full time trader and right now my life project is to make a simple but very powerful infact world best fx trading system i wanna develop.I'm doing fx since 2013 and still i'm struggling, but I didn't give up and one day i'll develop world best fx trading system one day! Note** i don't force any one to follow my entry signal, it's just for education,and request all of you that you can share your thought on a particular trade here.


Trade12 Opened: NZDUSD BUY@0.7245 SL1: 0.7196 TP1: 0.7315 Entry Time:11Sep 2017 16:12:53 SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Trade Status: Running

Trade11 Opened: EURCAD SELL@1.4550 SL1: 1.46000 TP1: 1.45000 Entry Time:11Sep 2017 14:03:35 SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Exit time:11Sep 2017 17:50:26 Trade Status: CLOSED @tp

Trade10 Opened: EURUSD SELL@1.2010 SL1: 1.2060 TP1: 1.1965 Entry Time:11Sep 2017 11:09:05 SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Exit time:11Sep 2017 15:51:08 Trade Status: CLOSED @tp

Trade9 Open: EURUSD BUY@1.2022 SL1: 1.1980 tp1: 1.2064 Entry Time:8Sep 2017 15:01:04
SL2: n/a TP2: 1.2028 Exit time:11Sep 2017 08:34:59 Trade Status: CLOSED @tp2

Trade8 Open: EURUSD BUY@1.2022 SL1: 1.1980 tp1: 1.2064 Entry Time:8Sep 2017 15:01:04
SL2: n/a TP2: 1.2028 Exit time:11Sep 2017 08:34:59 Trade Status: CLOSED @tp2

Trade7: CADCHF BUY@0.7819 SL1: 0.7770 TP1: 0.7880 Entry Time:8Sep 2017 12:03:19
SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Exit time:8Sep 2017 20:39:28 Trade Status: CLOSED @SL

Trade6: GBPJPY BUY@141.47 SL1: 140.80 TP1: 142.30 Entry Time:8Sep 2017 08:31:12
SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Exit time:8Sep 2017 13:04:04 Trade Status: CLOSED @TP

Trade5: CADJPY BUY@89.43 SL1: 88.85 TP1: 90.10 Entry Time:7Sep 2017 17:44:01
SL2: 88.75 TP2: n/a Exit time:8Sep 2017 10:54:44 Trade Status: CLOSED @SL

Trade4: EURCAD SELL@1.4631 SL1: 1.4682 TP1: 1.4560 Entry Time:7Sep 2017 13:25:18
SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Exit Time:7thSep 2017 13:25:18 Trade Status: CLOSED @TP

Trade3: AUDCHF BUY@0.7655 SL1: 0.7600 TP1: 0.7705 Entry Time:6Sep 2017 20:39:30
SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Exit time:8Sep 2017 20:59:20 Trade Status: CLOSED @sl

Trade2: USDCAD SELL@1.2227 SL1: 1.2277 TP1: 1.2170 Entry Time:6th Sep 2017 17:01:30
SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Exit time:2017:09.06 17:01:30 Trade Status: CLOSED@TP

Trade1: CADCHF BUY@0.7707 SL1: 0.7660 TP1: 0.9760 Entry Time:6th Sep 2017 11:02:35
SL2: n/a TP2: n/a Exit Time:6th Sep 2017 14:00:01 Trade Status: CLOSED@TP1

so what happens when your wrong


Thanks for your interest with my topic bob.Well at this time i’ll just say, follow my signal and cross check it with your setup & decision, that’s it.

Na bro. I work hard for my dollars and won’t risk it in a all or nothing trade.

brother bob i already told u that at this time just follow and don’t take any action with my setup, and bro everyone work hard like you for their dollars, me too.

Does not change the fact that its an all or nothing bet bro

i don’t agree with that bro.

you have used 220% leverage, what else will happen if you are wrong

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it’s my strategy.i fund my trading a/c with only 2% amount of my investment capacity amount.if it goes wrong, i’ll loss $400 and will fund again with $400.but if it goes correct my a/c will be $800 and next trade will lot size will be $2, And if 2nd trade goes ok my a/c will be $1600, and then i’ll withraw $800…and 3rd trade lot size will be again $2.because my initial deposit is $400.

Good luck in your quest to develop the world’s best trading system. Hope you succeed.

Thanks stevee, i would like to request u to track my trade trade history here for 1month and hope we all will get a good result here!

Wow, FX, 200%??? well ummm, Bless Your Heart.

The Ever Amazed VIPER

Respectfully, I do have my own trades to track. I would rather you track them in your trade journal (you do have one, right?). I’m always open to new ideas and those who share them. Again, best of luck on the charts.

Trade4 open! EURCAD.


Thanks! brother for your appreciation.I’ll be posting my daily trades here with entry/exit screen shot of my trades. .

hmm, Thanks once again for your comment! but i’ll be posting my entry/exit trade setups here, i’ll request u to check my trades, and if u get any info regarding my ongoing trades according to your setup then please let me know.

Trade5 Open CADJPY BUY

When I was a newbie, claims of a 95% winning percentage instantly caught my attention and drew me in.

Many years and many battle scars later, when I see these kind of claims, I instantly know the trader making them is on the wrong track at best or lying at worst.

Experienced traders see right thru this.
Regardless, I offer my apologies in advance should you prove me wrong…and I hope you do.

Best of luck and happy trading to you

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Trade6 Open GBPJPY BUY