A 15 minute glancing strategy for all

We all have our trading strategies - at least I hope we do. Mine relies, in the main, on Ichimoku where the basic principle is to only buy above the Cloud and sell below. Whatever other confirmation signals used is a personal choice. Mine happens to be MACD, Parabolic SAR, and RSI 50 line - all trend strength confirmations. If you’re buying, the fast red line must be above the slow blue line, and vice versa on a sale.

What I have added just recently is a new approach to determining probable trade opportunities. It’s my 15 minute glancing strategy.

Choose any FX currency pair. Use the Daily TF to assess whether the trend is above or below the cloud, and all the confirmation signals are in accord. Then move straight down to the 15 minute TF to see if the price movement trend is in line with the Daily price movement.

If it is in accord you have a prospective trade awaiting, and you can use the 4hr or 2hr as your entry point - whichever one suits your choice. If it doesn’t accord, which is quite normal in consolidating/zonal movements, no trade.

I hope that’s clear, and it works very well with a trending price action. If feasible, set your S/L at circa 200 points near to, but outside a zonal S/D or S/R zone.



thanks for your nice post with more detail. got some fine lines.

That’s quite a read. Never tried Ichimoku in my trade, so let me give this a try and see how it works out.