A broker offers no pips in EUR/USD?

So…i came accross some website of a broker that charges no spread (no pips…) on eurusd and charges a fixed 1 pip on all others - including gold. Is this too good to be true? Sounds like a ponzi to me - especially that they don’t offer a demo - but their website look kinda profesional to be a usual “template like” website scam. What do you think? Should i take the bet? And…sorry i am not posting/pming any links since it will be a…spam. Just asking for an opinion from the Pros here.


Look for more feedbacks.

Is it really sounds to good. I can understand 0 spread some not the main Majors, but on EURUSD - :confused:

Maybe this is promotion, and they will increase spread in a mouth.

I would stay away from this Broker or deposit minimum amount of money.

But It’s up to you!

Good luck!

Hmmm, sounds like a scam.

Are they registered with the authority is all you need to know for whether your money is protected.
I think in a year or 2, the spreads will be getting very competitive.

I catch positive spreads at times with currenex.