A few corrections for School

I have just completed babypips school and found a mistake (probably a typo) in here.

In 4th paragraph, “…you paid $25 in transaction costs (($1/pip x 5 pip spread) x 2 lots))”.

I am a bit confuse when first read on it, but later i figure out that it should be “($1/pip x 5 pip spread) x 5 lots)” instead of “($1/pip x 5 pip spread) x 2 lots)”.

Hope i am right. :slight_smile:

Another weird thing i found is here

At botom of the page, (the place where “1 2 3…”, “next” and “previous” buttons reside), there is another extra “6” page which i think is not belong to the main topic (College: Carry Trade)

Thanks to all for a great site!

In the School
Market hours discussed are winter times, no Daylight Saving.
I know it’s just meant to present a pictoral representation, but wouldn’t hurt to be accurate.

Thanks again,