A Good Trading Platform

Hi every one, i am a new babypip from Belgium - Antwerp, glad to have found here, a great place to learn and discuss all about hunting and shooting fast fying pips…!:wink:
Any one of you who might know some more info about this phenomenon called ‘stops’ sniping or hunting by brokers / trading platforms? As i can imagine it to be possible!

Are you sure you do not have “stops” confused with “stop loss”? I have not heard of sniping or hunting, where did you hear about this?


Often espec around news time the spreads are increased, this can cause people with stops too close to the price to be stopped out, the practise is one i can think of that has been labelled as stop hunting.

Often people blame the broker, but what they dont understand is how the brokers operate, most have it in black and white that they will increase spreads at news times.

Good trading


What is the difference Bazooko? ‘stops’ or ‘stop loss’ are both ‘stops’. I really mean the stop loss one can place in his trade can be hunted and kick the trader out of the market! It doesn’t need to be a news momentum, but simple one of those suddenly super fast move of ‘up and down’ or the opposite and just wash all fibbonacci traders stops in ONE MOVE!? I hold it for very possible as most brockers out there are pur sang ‘Market-Makers’ and they are not practicing phylanthropic activity. Guys, this is a serious business about real money and a lot of money. If there may be a way from preventing you to win without you notice it…?!

hey landgenoot!

i think almost every platform is a good one, depending on what you’re looking for.
For me that is

  • no slippage
  • scalping allowed
  • and changing the stop or stop loss during the trade whenever i want to.

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