A good way to say thank you

Hi guys,

I was just thinking about how much work goes into making this site as great as it is. Obviously there are many great traders who spend a lot of their time posting chart setups, trading plans, videos, daily updates etc etc. We also have all the guys in the background who keep these forums safe and update the site regulary.
I know that I have improved dramatically since I started reading and posting on this site and this obviosuly bring sthe opportunity tomake more money! I was thinking that we should have a charity of the month (just like the trade of the week contest) which is chosen by a ‘special/important’ contributer which all that are willing could donate a £1 or 2 as a thank you.
Now i know that us traders want to keep our money at all costs but even if 10 people give a £1 every few months it would make a big difference to the chosen charity. We could also keep track off donations on the daily emails which are sent out (another thing which someone spends time doing for us).

I think it would be a good way of saying thanks to Dr Pipslow, Forex Gump, Happy Pip, Cyclopip etc etc who spend time helping us make money!!! Anyway just an idea to put out there and see what everyone thinks?
Let us know!

Hello jamessheppard,

Thanks for the kind words and great idea. It would definitely be something cool to offer the community - a way to give back to others in need.

As with any new project or offering, we’re always having to determine if we have resources (man and woman hours) available to manage the project, and what, if anything, would be negatively impacted by making such a resource switch. We’re going to look into this to see how easy it would be to make happen because we like the idea so much. So stay tuned. And thanks for the idea!


No problems I glad someone read it!!! Not sure if there were no replies to this as people were not interested or just have not found it… Like you say anything to give a little to charity is always good in my book.

i was just thinking about that. i will be more than happy to make a donation every month. babypips is my home page. and if was not about this site i was not a trader today… thank you for all the information you give to us.

Awesome feedback, ctrade101. I’ll share your comments with the rest of the team. That will surely put a smile on their faces.