A little inspiration for everyone - 340% ROI in one week. $1000 to $4400. I hope this isn't just luck

For those who are wondering abount the account date - decided to try a new broker, an Australian one as I will be moving to Perth in 2025 (happy if anyone can share more about Pepperstone).

FX Blue - Statement for 7201708 (will be made private on Monday).

Let us all have a grand February!

From the very 1st post this person made I said to myself this looks like my “friend” who called me a scammer. I took particular note of the timing of the appearance just after another 2 accounts were banned and I see this person also likes to use the word scam like my “friend”. He manages to jump onto over 50 topics in just a few days. I was wondering how long it would take for us to be treated to the trading prowess eerily similar to some fellow calling himself Charlie Koh who claims to have taken 1k to over 7k and in another instance 1k to over 4k. Why am I not surprised? Wonders never cease. Anyone care to guess what is the end game?

Happens a lot - kinda comes in cycles.

Nowadays guys use vpn for many reasons, makes it difficult to detect I suppose.

As you rightly say when the talk is mammoth roi then buyer beware - likely a scam.

Few years back i encountered a credit card scammer - he was good, I mean really good - (he caught our company and we thought we were good at safeguarding ) - anyways he signed off with his name.

It was Bill Cash.

Edit: like your good self we learn by experience - previous interaction with the word ‘luck’ etc.


End game? I’m just inspired by you quadrupling $100 to $400 in a month, so I decided to challenge myself and the result is me doing it in a week. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any ill intent. In fact, my apartment-mate wants me to trade for him and I rejected him. I do not handle friends’ money. If you’re interested, I can link the two of you up.

You can think it’s a scam all you want, but the results is there for everyone to see (till Monday when market opens that is).

I’m not selling any services. Don’t need to smear me, or dm me.

What’s your system in achieving that if you mind sharing? But if you won’t share then the post is of little relevance, and in a state whereby there’s the implement of no system, then that is of the greatest irrelevancy i have come across on BP ever

There you go soliciting AGAIN. You dont learn do you?

I am happy to share the outline of some of my stratregies/principles but not the entire mechanics.

I will shore up something when I have time next week. Prefer to keep conversations light during the weekends.


Couldn’t care much whether you are selling or not, we are in the Trading Discussion section and still no sign of same.
As for smears or dm’s - not into them either - trading is kinda mundane - either you make money or not - as for plus 300% in a week - total baloney (imo)
Trading is not gambling.

Never said it was gambling.

As for “baloney”, the proof is there. Nothing baloney.


Which forex broker is this? Have you withdrawn your profits, and how long have you been working with this broker?

I am asking because I am looking for a good forex broker.

IC Markets. I started using them this year, 31st Jan because I will be relocating to Perth in 2025.

I’m happy with it and have no complaints at the moment. Setting up, trading and withdrawals have all been fine.

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For guys learning - when you see or hear of huge returns being trumpeted watch out, take it with a pinch of salt.

I call it baloney because that’s what it is - check the OP of this thread.