A maximum of short-term position?

Hi, I have a demo account with marketiva and today, I just tested to do short-term position. I did 21 trades in the last 2 hours and they send me this e-mail :
We thank you for your interest in Marketiva’s service.

During the review of your account with username “bammy96”, we have noticed
that your trading style may not be in accordance with our Short-Term
Trading Policy.

The maximum number of short-term positions (shorter than 5 minutes) a
trader can have in a 4-hour period is 10 (you are at 21). If a trader
closes more than 50 short-term positions or more than 200 total positions
in 7 consecutive days, such trader’s account will be temporarily prevented
from sending new orders into the market.

Please note that these limitations refer to aggregate number of positions
on both live and virtual trading desks.

If your account has already been prevented from sending new orders, based
on the weekly limitations specified above, you need to wait for few days so
the excessive number of positions you have executed decrease. The temporary
restriction will be automatically removed in 1-7 days, depending on the
extent of the breach of these terms.

This policy has been introduced to limit the excessive number of short-term
positions a trader can execute and to limit the overall number of positions
in order to better control the load on our servers and dealing desk.

Best Regards,

Marketiva Dealing Team

I have a question : Do all the broker have this kind of policy??

Thank you for answering and have a great week-end everyone!!!:slight_smile:


not all, but it is well known that brokers do not like scalpers (very short term traders). If you want to scalp, try crown forex, they have a min leverage though 1 pip on all majors.


Thanks a lot n_aftab;)

I am trading with STIFX, and they have no problem in scalping. try them out if you want too… cheers.

Does OANDA allows scalping?