A new me A new Talent

I am glad to be here as a new adventure in trading world. I love to learn how to trade because of the market analysis and the trend at which the world economy is going. It’s a wild wild west out there at the rate at which war, trade and diseases affect the market and economy trend. I perceive if well analyzed it can be taken advantage of. I am smart and ready to learn.

Glad to hear that and hope below link is helpful for you to learn:Online Trading Platform | Forex Trading | Trade and Invest | Top 1 Markets

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Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile: good luck :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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Thanks so much Top1… I appreciate the warm welcome. It’s nice to be here. Thanks so much for the useful links. Stay safe

Thanks profesorpips. I appreciate your time to welcome me… Thanks Greg

In the right place to learn and chat as some great guys here to help

Kind Regards


The Scruffy Trader

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Welcome. Learning forex will take lots of hard work and discipline. Providing you study hard on here and use a demo account you will have a good chance of making it.

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Thanks gtspeed. I am glad to be here. I will appreciate great resources from you :blush:. Thanks. Regards

Thanks so much Steveday.
I understand I really need to be disciplined and focused.
I am ready to learn a great deal.

That is the key

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Agreed. Everybody has their own trading style - just read around and find out what suits you best. You may find that scalping is better for you, swing trading or intra-day. Totally depends on the trader.

It seems to me that the market only submits to such open and courageous traders, who are not afraid of anything. This is very cool! I think you’re gonna be okay!

Very bold statement, but why not, I wish you great success. The important thing is that you have the same spirit in the time that you can tell us about your profit situation…

Money loves silence, so be careful with your emotions in the future. Well, it’s always nice to have friendly and open people who come to our big family with a common goal.