A new world to explore

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new to the whole Forex world but with the help of this forum and the school of pipsology I think I’m already learning pretty fast!

I’m 21 and live in the Netherlands. What the Forex world interests me the most, is the whole liquidity of the market. I’m very studious especially when it comes to economic subjects and I hope I’ve soon got the skills to discuss some strategy’s and trades with you guys!

While I’m still at the school of pipsology, I’m also checking the Gartley thread of “TMoneyBags” and I realy like the way he is trading. If I may be so rude to ask a question in my first post. I’m practicing the Gartley pattern on older charts and is this a legitimate Gartley? I drew it on the USD/JPY 15min. chart, on 13th of April, 1.5 week ago.

Thanks a lot guys and let’s gotta make dem benjin’s:57:!

Welcome! Your in the right place!